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The gust posts continue with one by Karly Gaffney of @4sqdayYYZ

This was our second year throwing the 4sqDay Toronto party and we’re thrilled to announce 2011 was a huge success. Compared to the 20-30 attendees last year, we saw 150-200 people through the door this year at Firkin on King. Even in the cold and rainy weather, Foursquare lovers came out in droves to have a few drinks, share conversation and win some giveaways from local businesses.

The self-proclaimed Foursquare addicts who formed the 4SqDay Toronto committee worked their butts off to get some fantastic local sponsors and media coverage in order to create some buzz and ensure we would fill the room. The sponsors included The Location Based Marketing Association, Virgin Mobile Canada, Canadian Stage, Chapters Indigo, Firkin on King, TIFF, Buca Restaurant, iSkin, Evoke Spa, Rypple, Opening Night Flowers, My City Lives, Love Sewing, StickerYou, Putting Edge and Institute of Communication Agencies / Advertising Week Canada. To name a few of the awesome giveaways; free iSkin product for every person who walked in the door, two autographed Tim Burton books from TIFF, a Samsung Galaxy Vibrant phone from Virgin Mobile Canada and we can’t forget to mention the great folks from Mill Street Brewery who came out and did tastings throughout the night (free!)

We tried our hardest to get an official proclamation from the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. He wasn’t able to provide us with a ‘proclamation’ because of timing but gave us an official congratulatory letter, we still think it’s a win. Next year, that proclamation is ours!

We made our attendees work (a little) in order to win the giveaways from our sponsors. This included tweeting Tim Burton trivia, tracking down hidden Foursquare badge pins to win a limited number of Rypple sweaters and of course the person with the most Foursquare points won a beautiful hand made map of Toronto from My City Lives.

We also had the very lovely Julie B from Julie Heather Photography donate her time and talent to shoot the silliness of our party-goers. We even provided crowns for people to wear in the photos to pay homage to the much coveted mayorship crown that we all strive for at our favourite venues.

I’m very proud of my fellow Foursquare nerds for promoting the heck out of our event on their own digital channels before and during the event. We even had our venue ‘Firkin on King’ trending on Twitter at one point during the night. I know Toronto Foursquare lovers will be just as supportive as we plan our even BIGGER 2012 party. (I’m thinking live music…Foursquare Day Fest?)