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April 16th is coming and the preparation for the biggest day of the year is starting. Yahoooo!!!

But what can we do to organize an unforgettable day? This is a problem for everyone who try to manage a big or even a small event.

Hi guys! I’m Fernanda Silvestre (@nanndasilvestre), 30, brazilian, a social media planner and lover, and crazy about foursquare. I have to say it’s a pleasure to post here. It’s really an honor to be part of this team! Thanks a lot, Juice and Carlos, for the invitation! I do really appreciate it! 

So to start posting here I’m gonna tell about our foursquare’s reality in Brazil.

Here, we are still a small foursquare community (for a huge country) but we’re growing fast.

foursquare in São Paulo - Brazil


I’m (as a super-user level-2) very happy to find lots of venues to fix,because it means people are using foursquare and enjoying it. They sometimes create strange venues (but it’s a matter for another post lol)!

Some of us have been using foursquare since the beginning, but most of people are now discovering what foursquare is and what is its purpose.

Because of this, I think this year promises a lot in Social Media area, mainly because of geolocation. And of course, foursquare contributes a lot for this. Many social media analysts and agencies are discovering this new potential tool for business and their clients and now we can find Specials almost everywhere!

foursquare venues in Ribeirão Preto

Small business understood that foursquare could help them to find a way in social marketing and to have a better performance in sales!

We still need more social media professionals who understand more about all the possibilities that this social network can offer. They are on the way to give them better options to their clients and to create more creative Specials!

foursquare: sampa badge


We are so happy with all the development of foursquare last year. We celebrate our SAMPA badge and all the efforts of foursquare team to make claim venues easier for us.

We heart foursquare!

I s2 foursquare!

Advances in technology allow nearly everyone to carry an endless source of information in the palm of your hand in the form of smartphones. Thus it is important for you to make use of this technology to create an interactive learning environment that will better capture the interests of your students. Luckily, whether you are teaching middle school, high school or even undergraduate and graduate programs, Foursquare make this easy to accomplish. With it’s easy to use interface and ability to track the locations of students nearly anywhere, Foursquare allows you teach lessons in history, geography and can even help manage your classroom.

Learning about History

Some colleges use Foursquare to help students find local historic information. For instance, the archaeology department at Michigan State University, uses the app to mark specific historical buildings and other markers on or around the campus. This approach to learning can easily be implemented into your classroom, allowing students to learn more about the history of the campus or for campus orientation. As a student checks in to various locations on campus, Foursquare provides historical pictures and other information about the student’s exact location. Thus to create an assignment, request students to gather one piece of information from a list of specific sites around campus. This will acclimate new students to the campus and help returning students learn more about their surroundings.


As Foursquare records your location to let your friends know where you are when you check in, it makes a good tool to teach students about geography. Split your students up into groups or send students off individually to explore a restaurant in town. Each student or group of students must check in at the restaurant, and then learn everything they can about the establishment so they can share with the class. The next day your students present their findings and can mark the restaurants on a map using Foursquare so everyone in the class can see where their classmates went, and where each place is in relation to their school, homes, etc. Not only will this project help students locate specific businesses, but it can also help with teamwork, research skills and public speaking.

Scavenger Hunts

To encourage your students to find new places, set up a scavenger hunt for your class that involves checking in at multiple locations around the area. Each student must check in at each location using Foursquare to track their progress and take a picture of the desired object to show in class. Encourage your students to complete the tasks as quickly as possible. You can use the Foursquare check-in times to determine who is the winner.


Some teachers prefer to take attendance the old-fashioned way by calling each student’s name and marking them present or absent based on the response. However, Foursquare can be used in the classroom to help you track attendance in your class without going through the lengthy process of calling each student’s name and making a mark in your book. Requiring your students to check in to class each day will provide you with an easy way to see who is present and who isn’t. As Foursquare marks your present location, a student can’t alter the results to make it appear they are in class when they aren’t.

No matter how you use Foursquare in the classroom, it can serve as a useful tool to help you teach your students. Whether you implement its functionality into class projects to learn history or geography or use it to take attendance, the advances in social media technology can work to your advantage, especially since most students carry cell phones. Most students already use these social media tools, so using them in the classroom is a great way to encourage them to learn.

After spending a year and a half developing a social media centric community with key individuals, I found myself for the first time kicking back in a single seater leather couch with my legs elevated resting on a perfectly matched leather ottoman during our Foursquare Kalamazoo 1st Annual Rock the Chili Cook-Off. Most of the time I’m the one running around getting things coordinated or making sure the people who RSVP knew where they were going or reminding people to check-in. It was a great feeling to see and experience the social side of the efforts of my own brain child being led by someone else.

Working on the premise of “find a need, fill a need,” Foursquare Kalamazoo in Michigan was formed. Some come for the education, some come for the food, some come for the camaraderie as well as social good, and others are just trying to figure out what is this social media community. The need continues to grow as more people begin to catch wind that these organizations are around for all of the above reasons.

More partnerships of wanting to replicate a similar community model within their own business/organizations for their customers have come about and the fascinating part is people WANT to get involved in the social media scene. Kalamazoo is growing in the social media realm and it’s an exciting time to watch it evolve while it learns to pick up on the basic mobile applications that we have learned to love and depend on such as Hootsuite, camera phones, scanning QR codes, Angry Birds and more.

One of the fascinating things I’ve observed as a social media connector is watching our social media groups grow, reach out to others and educate them about the fundamentals. I gathered that our group have a common desire that the more people we get on to Foursquare and social media, the more opportunities there are to see offerings from a business or to gain a new friends. It is a social gathering and the social aspect draws people to connect. The platform itself is but a tool to achieve these social means or even as a way to enhance the social connection. Other than that what people are drawn to is the social experience – connecting with others with common interests, which goes back to basics in socializing with others.

Overall, the key thing to remember: There is a reason why it is called “social media” and the part “social” plays a huge component in developing a successful campaign or community. We tend to get caught up in the semantics or the intricacies as well as wonderment of social media, but what makes social media successful is the basic connection with other like-minded people. For without that key piece, a cool social media campaign is just a cool campaign without a purpose. Creating an environment to connect on common interests via social media is critical. Sometimes at the end of the day, what drives our Kalamazoo social media groups to keep grow is the very desire to connect and explore their community while catching up with an old friend.

As we plan for 2012 Foursquare Day just remember that however great or small the event becomes, our focus should be on the connections we build and the new found friendships we are going to develop.


When we were developing Foursquare Day, we could tell we were on to something. Based on the feedback and the reception from individuals and communities world-wide, it was obvious that we were not merely holding an event, but helping to fill a niche. We were giving people a recognized opportunity to join together and reflect on how social media has changed our lives. Thus, the event became recognized as the first “social media holiday.”

In the limited time we had to get the word out, we encouraged all participants to involve not just foursquare users but everyone in the social media community and try to include as many charitable and community-based organizations as possible.

I am now very glad to see that Mashable has also acknowledged the need for a special day to celebrate social media. They have declared that Wednesday, June 30th, is Social Media Day. Using the new Meetups Everywhere tool, recently used by foursquare, there are now over 500 Social Media Day Meetups planned with over 5,500 people in attendance.

I am a little disappointed that Mashable, with its tremendously powerful platform, has not spent more time clarifying the underlying goals of Social Media Day. Beyond merely getting people to gather, is there an end result they are striving for?  It would also have been nice to have some mention of large-scale social media events like Twestival and, yes, Foursquare Day.

But beyond these minor quibbles, I think Social Media Day is an extremely positive development and I encourage everyone to participate. Check out the ways you can participate (and win a free  Sony Dash!) and then visit the Mashable Meetup Everywhere site and find the closest meetup near you. If there isn’t one, then create one! And, of course, don’t forget to check-in once you are there.

Since Tampa Bay is the home of Foursquare, I’d like to give a special plug for the Tampa Social Media Day meetup, started by Jordan Leonard, at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. So far we have 62 of the Tampa Bay social media movers & shakers on-board! An easy swarm!

See you there!

OK swarming people! We want to see you party! Send in your links and we’ll post them!


Cabaret West Glen in West Des Moines, Iowa:

PS: Want to embed our stream? Use this:

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Are you already the “Mayor McCheese” of your local McDonald’s on Foursquare? Get excited because this Friday the 16th could be your lucky day. We are very proud to announce that McDonald’s are joining the celebration of Foursquare Day by offering special deals for Foursquare users on April 16th 2010.

Rick Wion, social media director for McDonald’s said “Foursquare day is a cool way for friends and strangers to connect at the places they love, like McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s is a name known in every corner of the globe and a way of life in most communities around the world. Simon Cousins chief executive of China PR agency, Illuminant Partners said “In my home market of mainland China, McDonald’s restaurants are — quite seriously — romantic date destinations for young adult sweethearts. McDonalds’s occupies a different and much higher position in the social food chain. McDonald’s restaurants are known to be hip, fashion forward, edgy places to meet with a good value for food.”

For such a large company their heart is in supporting local business, McDonald’s is part of communities across the United States and most are run by local businessmen and women. In fact, 85% of McDonald’s 14,000 restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

It’s exciting to have McDonald’s on board in support of Foursquare Day, as they are also a part of the local Tampa social media community with their McDonald’s Tampa Bay twitter account

Stay tuned to the official McDonald’s twitter account at for special deals and Foursquare Day promotions.