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Some weeks back I noticed a tweet from a foursquare user (@zaellen) saying she just got a card from her Chiropractor for being a mayor.

Below are a few questions I asked her via email and her response:

How long have you been the mayor? Were you battling it out with someone, or have you maintained it for a while.
I’ve been the mayor for about 6 months and there was no battling. I was the first mayor.
What is the venue link to the venue?
Do they have any specials?
I’ve just proposed that I help them with social media so I will be helping him set up some specials but they have none yet.
Have you heard of any other companies sending out physical ‘thank yous’ before?
This is the first company I’ve heard of who sent a thank you note for mayorship. I definitely will be recommending that all local retailers I know pay attention to this and send thank yous.
Of the of mayorships you hold (how many?), do you think any of venues would do something like this as well?
I have 9 mayorships right now…I usually have between 9-15. I think this is an excellent idea and I’m sure others will do something like this depending on the size of their business and how many people actually check in the venue.

(flickr by dpstyles)

What other interesting ways has businesses promoted the mayor for their venue?

This past Sunday, my Baltimore Ravens took on the Houston Texans in the AFC Divisional round in the National Football League. I was quickly reminded by fellow writer Nicole (@googleismybf), that she the Community Manager of @foursquareHOU. With a little smack talk during the week I decided to step it up and incorperate foursquare into a bet.

I asked Nicole to put a mayorship on the line. If you lose, you have to let someone else take over the venue as mayor. But that wasn’t the end of it. You had to wait 3 days before checking back in to try to regain the mayorship. That means this person now has 4 days over the previous mayor. Personally, I think that is quite a hill to climb back up.

In a hard fought battle, the Ravens won.

Nicole ended up conceding her work mayorship. I’d say that was a smart call on her end. She probably can earn back her mayor position before the end of the month. TopSpot Internet Marketing is now ruled by John V [at the time of this writing].

Thanks for the bet, Nicole. It was exciting to put something on the line and have the potential to lose it, and eventually earn it back.

Have you ever bet anything on foursquare? “I bet I can get 5 people to do my tip before they do your tip” What are other creative bets the can be used in foursquare?


I’ve been proud that Tampa, the birthplace of 4sqDay, has had progressive capital-M-Mayors that have supported the social-media scene and foursquare in particular. For the first 4sqDay, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio issued a proclamation declaring April 16th to be “Foursquare Day.”  In 2011, Mayor Bob Buckhorn invited me to participate in a 4sqDay ceremony (that’s me behind the tree) and declare a Foursquare Day Mayor of Tampa.

Today, however, Mayor Buckhorn has taken it to a completely new level by actively joining foursquare. And he is not the kind of Mayor to just set up an account and let it idle. He’s got a activity:

Lists by Mayor Buckhorn include City Parks, Attractions, Dining and Shopping, Government Buildings and Public Safety. Residents of the city as well as tourists will be able to see the unique places Tampa has to offer, all recommended by the city’s real-life Mayor. At many locations, Buckhorn has left his own personal tips ranging from his favorite ride at Busch Gardens to his favorite meal at the famous Columbia Restaurant.

I am excited about this development for a number of reasons. First, I think it is simply good for Tampa. Although it doesn’t always get recognized for it, Tampa has a lot of exciting tech stuff going on. Second,  I think it is good for Tampa’s citizens. There are great spots in the city that are right in people’s neighborhoods and they might not even know it, but they make discover it upon checking in. Finally, I think it is a smart move for Mayor Buckhorn to be so social.  For a politician, interacting with one’s constituents is definitely a plus in my book.


Who will be the next Mayor to join foursquare? Let us know if your Mayor does!