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With the growing popularity of foursquare and its enthusiastic user base, it is only appropriate to gather and chat about the latest news that is happening in the world of foursquare and location-based services (in general). Normally, these Tweetchat conversations last about one hour and cover a topic or two that is new in the world of foursquare. Topics have ranged from how businesses can best implement foursquare into their marketing to super user feature updates. No matter if you are a foursquare guru or foursquare’s newest user, #4sqCHAT is definitely a great conversation that I highly recommend. If you would like to participate in this conversation, we’d love to have you. Come join us each and every Monday evening at 9pm EST to talk about everything foursquare! Also, if you have a specific topic or two that you would like to chat about, we are always taking requests and recommendations. It is probably best to mention those on the 4sqCHAT Facebook Page wall and/or tweet them using the #4sqCHAT hashtag! Well, I hope to chat with you about the great world of foursquare! Until next time!

So, today is Presidents Day here in the United States, so it is only right that we take a minute and chat about how politicians from all levels of government should be embracing foursquare. Overall, foursquare is growing at an alarming rate, and politicians need to take notice of this social media channel as they seek election or reelection.  When politicians are out on the campaign trail, they have a great opportunity to share their location and the experiences surrounding the venues they are spending time at. Unfortunately, many politicians and their staff members are not taking the extra time to fully enhance their reach via foursquare, and shame on them for that. I am not sure if it is merely a matter of not knowing or simple laziness, but politicians need to jump aboard. Here are five quick and easy ways to use foursquare on the campaign trail (and between elections).

  1. Build Lists for the various legs of the campaign trail – this can be done before, during, or after a specific leg of the trail occurs. If it happens before, you could add a tip to indicate the event date; if you build the list after, be sure to include both a tip and a photo.
  2. Leave Personal Tips – candidates need to be personable; they need their constituents to know that they are human just like them. So, this is a great opportunity to add a personal touch. I would have the candidate pick out a few of his or her own favorite venues within his home area and tell his constituents what he likes best about those venues. In fact, this is an opportunity to leave a tip at a few locations and build another list out of it.
  3. Shout Reminders – politicians can use foursquare to shout out timely reminders to their foursquare friends and followers. Of course, this needs to be used appropriately and not abused. There is a fine line between timely messages and spam, so tread carefully, but this is still an effective option. Note that this feature is not native within the foursquare application anymore, so you will need to connect your foursquare to a third-party app like HootSuite to do so.
  4. Check-in! Sure, you can have a brand page and all, but it is important to check-in. How cool would it be for constituents to be checked into the same campaign trail venue with the candidate? For many, it would be extra cool. It is great to leave a little shout and/or photo along with each check-in. If the candidate is up on a stage, he or she could check-in with the crowd and snap a picture of the vast audience for added buzz.
  5. Engage Using Comments & Dones! Foursquare allows people to comment on others check-ins and also indicate when you have done a tip that they have left. In addition, if there is a tip at a venue that sounds great but isn’t something that the candidate has done (yet), he or she could add it to his or her to-do list! When you do any of these things, that person will get a notification! In the case of an appropriate and timely comment, your friend or follower will get the chance to reply with a comment, and a conversation can ensue!


Foursquare provides a variety of low-cost, creative options for politicians to engage their audience, yet (unfortunately) many politicians drop the ball and don’t fully utilize this great social media tool. So, on this Presidents Day, let’s remind our politicians to engage us on location as well as through Facebook and Twitter!

We know what the nay-sayers have to say about foursquare: “you’re letting everyone know you’re out of your house, and you’re going to be robbed,” “why would anyone care that you’ve gone grocery shopping,” and “I just don’t get it.”

That’s always what I heard when foursquare was just starting. The best part, though, is this perception has changed a lot, thanks to 2011.

15 million users as of this past december, the last 5 million of which, came in the 2nd half of the year proves not only are more people using smartphones, but that they’re also seeing the value from social media as a whole, and especially foursquare, a social media of its own kind.

Maybe it’s reflective that people in this decade want more than Facebook, and are now drawn to different platforms. Maybe it’s similar to how Facebook and Twitter users want to highlight everything about themselves, and foursquare allows them to do this in a unique and exciting way. Or maybe it’s just another way for us, as business people, or fans of brands, to promote what we love (or are paid to love).

No matter what it really is, however, it’s up to us, the pros of foursquare, to use it smart and to show the newbies the way too. foursquare is a tool that lets the places in our backyards become an open community, so as the user base will continue to grow in the coming months, we need to remember this. Just like we need to use foursquare more than ever now because as the tide has clearly changed on how the world sees foursquare, we need to convince our newly joined friends that it’s worth sticking around on too.

With foursquare reaching double digits on City badges, we decided to list them out for easy reading. Don’t forget you can submit a request to get your city a badge too! Simply fill out this form and … wait.

Be sure to follow 4sqcities on foursquare.

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Hi guys! I’m Fernanda Silvestre (@nanndasilvestre), 30, brazilian, a social media planner and lover, and crazy about foursquare. I have to say it’s a pleasure to post here. It’s really an honor to be part of this team! Thanks a lot, Juice and Carlos, for the invitation! I do really appreciate it! 

So to start posting here I’m gonna tell about our foursquare’s reality in Brazil.

Here, we are still a small foursquare community (for a huge country) but we’re growing fast.

foursquare in São Paulo - Brazil


I’m (as a super-user level-2) very happy to find lots of venues to fix,because it means people are using foursquare and enjoying it. They sometimes create strange venues (but it’s a matter for another post lol)!

Some of us have been using foursquare since the beginning, but most of people are now discovering what foursquare is and what is its purpose.

Because of this, I think this year promises a lot in Social Media area, mainly because of geolocation. And of course, foursquare contributes a lot for this. Many social media analysts and agencies are discovering this new potential tool for business and their clients and now we can find Specials almost everywhere!

foursquare venues in Ribeirão Preto

Small business understood that foursquare could help them to find a way in social marketing and to have a better performance in sales!

We still need more social media professionals who understand more about all the possibilities that this social network can offer. They are on the way to give them better options to their clients and to create more creative Specials!

foursquare: sampa badge


We are so happy with all the development of foursquare last year. We celebrate our SAMPA badge and all the efforts of foursquare team to make claim venues easier for us.

We heart foursquare!

I s2 foursquare!

As many of you might have seen, foursquare is starting to gradually reconnect you with your nearest major city by unleashing a special badge as you unlock that city. Here in Atlanta, we finally have a cool badge to take pride in. All we had to do was follow the Atlanta list over on the 4sqCities foursquare profile and check into 5 of the venues on the list! The great news is that foursquare is continuing to add more and more cities to the mix; so far, they have been looking to add two new city badges each week, so, if your city lacks its own badge, it should be coming soon!

Atlanta's foursquare badge

I was so happy to unlock the peach-themed badge over the weekend as Elaine and I (aka 4sqLoveStory) took in our first Hawks game together down at the Philips Arena! For us, it was icing on the cake! Since we did not have a New Year’s Eve badge for 2012, we were glad to at least have this super cool Atlanta badge to enjoy. So, we have these new badges, and it is extra exciting, especially for those cities that haven’t had a badge specific to their area. So, have you unlocked your city’s badge? Or are you still anxiously awaiting a badge specific to your city? Either way, keep conquering your nearby cities one check-in at a time!

After spending a year and a half developing a social media centric community with key individuals, I found myself for the first time kicking back in a single seater leather couch with my legs elevated resting on a perfectly matched leather ottoman during our Foursquare Kalamazoo 1st Annual Rock the Chili Cook-Off. Most of the time I’m the one running around getting things coordinated or making sure the people who RSVP knew where they were going or reminding people to check-in. It was a great feeling to see and experience the social side of the efforts of my own brain child being led by someone else.

Working on the premise of “find a need, fill a need,” Foursquare Kalamazoo in Michigan was formed. Some come for the education, some come for the food, some come for the camaraderie as well as social good, and others are just trying to figure out what is this social media community. The need continues to grow as more people begin to catch wind that these organizations are around for all of the above reasons.

More partnerships of wanting to replicate a similar community model within their own business/organizations for their customers have come about and the fascinating part is people WANT to get involved in the social media scene. Kalamazoo is growing in the social media realm and it’s an exciting time to watch it evolve while it learns to pick up on the basic mobile applications that we have learned to love and depend on such as Hootsuite, camera phones, scanning QR codes, Angry Birds and more.

One of the fascinating things I’ve observed as a social media connector is watching our social media groups grow, reach out to others and educate them about the fundamentals. I gathered that our group have a common desire that the more people we get on to Foursquare and social media, the more opportunities there are to see offerings from a business or to gain a new friends. It is a social gathering and the social aspect draws people to connect. The platform itself is but a tool to achieve these social means or even as a way to enhance the social connection. Other than that what people are drawn to is the social experience – connecting with others with common interests, which goes back to basics in socializing with others.

Overall, the key thing to remember: There is a reason why it is called “social media” and the part “social” plays a huge component in developing a successful campaign or community. We tend to get caught up in the semantics or the intricacies as well as wonderment of social media, but what makes social media successful is the basic connection with other like-minded people. For without that key piece, a cool social media campaign is just a cool campaign without a purpose. Creating an environment to connect on common interests via social media is critical. Sometimes at the end of the day, what drives our Kalamazoo social media groups to keep grow is the very desire to connect and explore their community while catching up with an old friend.

As we plan for 2012 Foursquare Day just remember that however great or small the event becomes, our focus should be on the connections we build and the new found friendships we are going to develop.


Today is October 16, 2011. It is exactly 1.5 years since the first Foursquare Day and six month until 4sqday 2012. I like to think of October 16 as 4sqDay-point-five. It’s the point of no return; halfway passed last year and halfway towards next year’s 4sqday. So today seemed like a perfect day to announce the launching of 4sqDay 2.0!

Of course, April 16 is a great day to get out, check in, and do things with your foursquare community. However,  it is still only one day out of the year. And many of us use foursquare every day. So Foursquare Day is going to evolve to include that idea. Our new slogan is “Helping to make every day a 4sqDay!”

Starting now, in addition to helping organize April 16th activities, we will be covering foursquare users and the developing  foursquare community they create. This will not be a site for badge hunters or resource about the upgrades and versions about the foursquare app. There are some fantastic sites out there for that including the official foursquare blog, About Foursquare, socialDino, and others. 4sqDay has always been and continues to be about the people that use foursquare and the events and communities.

We are excited about this new direction for 4sqDay and we are looking for other people who are excited. If you would like to submit a guest blog post about a great foursquare day you had send it to us! If you and your community organizers hold a great foursquare event, like Milan did recently, let us know!

– Nate

PS: A huge thanks to Justin Henderson for helping to get our site back in order after the hack. He has done a fantastic job and has a lot of great ideas for 4sqDay! Look for more from him soon!

Before leaving for work, I shouted a quick good morning to my fine friends on foursquare. I like to send a shout every now and then that is not connected with a check-in or shared with Twitter or Facebook. To me, the foursquare shout is under-utilized. I think the isolated shout is important  because  it emphasizes that foursquare is not just a subset of Twitter or Facebook crowd- it is its own community.

But while I was keying in my shout, I had trouble finding the word after “good morning.” And thought,  “Is there a universal term for a person who uses foursquare? Just what do we call each other?”

So here are some things that ran through my mind:

  • foursquare user
  • check-in-er
  • foursquare member
  • foursquare fan
  • foursquare friend
  • foursquarer
  • checker-in

While “foursquare user” is probably the most proper, and “foursquare fan” the most fun, I went with “4sq-er” because it was it was, um, awkward and drew attention to itself.

I’m wondering what other terms and 4sq slang people use to refer to each other. So I now turn the question to the foursquare community itself:

What word do YOU use describe other people who use foursquare?

Leave your answer in the comments, and we’ll tally the responses and try to come to some consensus.