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Snoball is an awesome site that allows individuals, companies and brands to raise money for charities through social media, including with foursquare check-ins. I recently used it as a fundraising tool when Foursquare Houston co-sponsored the Houston Tweet Drive for our December monthly meet-up.  It is super-easy to set up and is extremely flexible and manageable. My Snoball:

First, choose your non-profit. Snoball has a thorough database of non-profit charities and I had no problem finding and selecting one.  It’s best if you search using the exact name of the charity as their internal search is very specific.

Second, choose your event. Here is where you would select social media and a foursquare check-in. But with the options presented you can really be creative and make anything a Snoball!   You then select whether it is based on solely your check-in or anyone’s check-in and the location (based on your recent check-ins). This is where using Snoball for a specific event can get tricky. You’ll want to set it up as close as possible to your event as there are no “start” dates or times (more on this later).  Also, the venue selected needs to be somewhere you visited recently. I had never been to the venue of the Tweet Drive before, but one mobile website check-in later and I was in business.

Third, choose your amount per check-in. Snoball will not charge your credit card until you have $20 worth of check-ins. I had a concern with all the publicity around this event that thousands of jumpers would check-in and max out my credit card. Not only was that far from the case (we had 47 check-ins) but I had the opportunity to delete any check-ins before processing. So, you could in theory set up the snoball in advance and promote it beforehand without any trouble. Lesson learned: don’t be shy with the amount!

After the event, unless you are the most benevolent person in the world (and you are, right?), don’t forget to delete your snoball.

I love this site, it could be used in so many applications, not just for fundraising events:  a motivation tool, a celebration, a reminder. Just a really great product overall and works easily with foursquare. Something to consider when planning for Foursquare Day…



It’s November. Fall is here, Halloween decorations are being put away and turkeys everywhere are starting to get nervous. It’s also time for men around the world to start growing a mustache for charity. It’s time for Movember. Movember is an event that takes place during the month of November and was created to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.

It’s not too late to get involved, check out for details- you can grow a mustache (or “mo”) on your own, join a team of stache growing folks (either as a mo grower, as a supporter or as a “mo-sista”) and, most importantly, support these brave men by sponsoring their mustache growing efforts through charitable donations to Movember in the name of their mo. Donations to Movember benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong.

If you’re reading this you probably not only appreciate the idea of growing mustaches for charity, but you probably also like foursquare. Here’s how all these things can come together for awesome: Checkin for charity. It’s a fantastic way to use foursquare to help raise money for charities like Movember. Last year Portsmouth Foursquare was able to raise over $1,800 for Movember with just two checkin for charity events.

This is how checkin for charity works: for a specific tweetup/party/event simply ask individuals and businesses (in advance) to pledge money for every person who checks in at the event on foursquare. Cap the total number of checkins counted at a certain number (e.g. 50) so that people who pledge can know what their maximum pledge could be. In terms of how much to pledge any amount is fine, but typically individuals pledge anywhere from $0.25-$2 per checkin and businesses pledge anywhere from $2-$10 per checkin.

During the event track the total number of people who checkin at the venue where the event is held using the foursquare app or website. Be sure to let people know during the event to check in and be prepared to sign new people up with foursquare so they can checkin too. After the event publish the numbers, thank all the donors and let them know how to make their donations (and what their final total added up to). Then pat yourself on the back and high five the nearest mo-growing individual or mo-sista for a job well done.

So, are you convinced? Ready to grow a mo and/or support a mo grower or mo-sista for charity? Want to throw your own checkin for charity event? It doesn’t have to be limited to Movember, go wild with the idea! Be sure to let us know in the comments if you plan to do this and especially let us know if you have any questions so we can help you with your own checkin for charity event!