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Wow! We are just one week away from another great Foursquare Day. We hope that you are just as excited to celebrate this unique holiday as we are. 2012 has flown by, and our schedules are always jam-packed, but we do hope that you are able to join your local community celebration as well. Find a city gathering near you and join the fun! Need some ideas to help enhance your celebration?

Great Things To Do on 4sqDay

–          Check-in with friends

–          Celebrate with your foursquare community

–          Take advantage of foursquare specials

–          Give back to a local non-profit

–          Leave tips and photos at your favorite venues

–          Wear your foursquare swag!

–          Earn some new foursquare badges and mayorships

–          Use the Explore feature and check out new local businesses!

–          Sync up your AMEX card and earn money back today!

There are so many things you can do to celebrate Foursquare Day! What are your plans?