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To everyone who has participated in 4sqDay, I have one thing to say: Cupcakes.

More #4sqday treats from @aLAnessa!

In going through the awesome posts, pictures, and parties  from around the world it is obvious to me:  Foursquare users really like cupcakes. Cupcakes with badges, flags, candy, in all manner of colors and regional styles.

But if I had to use a second and third word, they would be THANK YOU! It has been SOOO amazing to see the tweets, check ins, badges, posters, cupcakes, and everything else that people have created. Whether you checked-in at new business, partied at foursquare meetup, organized a community event, or helped spread the word in all your crazy ways, thank you. Thank you squared.

A special thank you goes out to Justin Henderson, who really stepped it up this year and ran things, especially the day-to-day operation of the blog content.  Likewise to all the 4sqday bloggers (in no particular order)  Nicole, DwayneMareks, Michael, Fernanda, and anyone else I am forgetting! And Vanessa does more than bake famous cupcakes! She has been rocking the graphics scene and Instagram. Without you all, 4sqDay 2012 would not have been the success that it was!

Thanks to all the political leaders from mayors to presidents who made proclamations and gave shout outs for 4sqDay. It is fantastic to see that these people get that foursquare and 4sqDay is not  frivolous, but is a meaningful supporter of local communities and economic development.

Thanks to Untappd. They rock for creating their second 4sqDay badge and heatmap! Also Screenscape and ButtonUp get shoutouts for reaching out!

And, of course, thank you to the fine folks at foursquare because without them, this whole thing would be rather silly.

So what now?

Well, first, you may be wondering what is going on with this temp site. We have to deal with the rotten hack that was affecting portions of the site. We had thought that we had resolved the issue before, but clearly we haven’t. Sit tight while we get this taken care of.

We do have some ideas that we are very excited to announce, but first… let’s finish up this 4sqDay.

  • We are looking for people to share stories about their local events. It can be what happened, what worked, what DIDN’T work, what you’d like to do differently next year.
  • We have been sharing event pictures from all over the world on our facebook page. If yours isn’t up there, let us know. We want to include everyone!
  • If you want a Pinterest board, to post pictures in your cities, let us know.
  • We’ve mentioned this before, but if you see any local press or blogs or other media coverage in your community, use this link to submit them. We’ve had over 60 submissions in the last few days from all over the world! Soon wed we will share them!

And here are a few other things other things you can do:

  • Keep growing your foursquare community!
  • Connect with people who attended 4sqday meetups in your community.
  • If you have ideas or ways that you’d like to be involved in 4sqDay organizing, let us know.
  • Help us update the Wikipedia page. It is very stale.
  • And of course, keep checking in!

Cheers to all!!  Thank you!   Cupcakes!

If you are a business and have already claimed your venue, a new option is now available allowing you to tell your foursquare customers what your business hours are. This can be really helpful for a few reasons:

  1. Your customers now know when you are open for business; hopefully, this will motivate them to come when you are open for business.
  2. If you have a mayor special and are worried that people are merely driving by at midnight and trying to check-in to compete for your venue’s mayorship title, this should help to ensure that only those check-ins within business hours are being captured and counted towards that honor.
  3. More information is always better. As I mentioned above, it is great when your customers know when you are open. As foursquare moves more focus away from the pure check-in and more towards sharing venue information (ie tips, recommendations, contact information, specials, etc.), this provides customers with one more piece of information about your business, so why not tell them, right?

As an avid foursquare user and explorer, I certainly appreciate this added feature within foursquare. I have advised my clients to add their business hours, and I recommend that same to you. There’s nothing worse than upsetting your customers and thereby losing their business. Let them know when you are open. As I have mentioned before, give them all of your information (hours, phone number, address, website address, Twitter link, description of your business, business category, and specials).

Lastly, I must mention that adding your business hours is quite easy to do. First, click “edit venue” on your venue page. Then, scroll down just below your venue map until you see the “add hours” button. Lastly, click that button and look for the box that pops up (it will look like the image below); now, simply add your specified hours! Save those hours, and you are all set!

foursquare's venue business hours screen

#4sqday is sneaking up on us! What do YOU want to see happen at your local Foursquare Day meetup?

Here’s one little person who seems to be most excited for the swag!

Mike likes to meet new people at Foursquare Day.

For Dale, it’s all about the pie (and the Super Swarm badge)!

#4sqday video blog? Careful. The Interwebz might not be ready for this.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite all-time Foursquare badge?

Today’s guest post is from Sara C from @4sqla. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if LA was going to be able to pull it off, because there was a lot of confusion and disorganization early on. As you will read, the event came into focus and was a smashing success!!



Who would have thought we would be celebrating a day based on a childhood playground game, social networking and math! Even though this was my first Foursquare Day event, I was very fortunate to have connected with so many wonderful people of Los Angeles who helped me organize and support this event.  Los Angeles is such a big city with a population so wide-spread, it wasn’t easy trying to get everyone to gather in one place without having multiple locations planned, and having only had two weeks to plan this event, I knew I had a tough task ahead of me. We chose to have our “swarm” party at Saddleranch Chop House ( on Sunset because the restaurant is located on the famous Sunset Strip and easily accessible to Los Angeles party-goers.  I made some contacts through twitter and facebook and found Miki Reynolds (@HowAboutWeLA), the LA Community Manager of (, a new and exciting online dating website based in New York, who was looking to co-sponsor an event to help get the word out on their new LA launch.

I was also fortunate to have connected with the Bill Karz, Online Marketing Director of LA, Inc. ( who put together a map of various local businesses offering Foursquare Day specials.  Using their extensive database of Los Angeles businesses, we received a listing of over 30 specials! The one day and ongoing specials ranged anywhere from discounts on food and drinks to entertainment deals to include city tours and museum admissions.  For two weeks, we worked hard and had our faces buried in our computers, using various social media to help spread the word.  Los Angeles being the 2nd biggest city in the U.S., it was essential for our city to take part in this celebration, and probably easily recognized by other cities throughout the world. So it was no surprised that I was asked to do webcast interview by Kevin Aguilar (, who hosts his own live webcast based in Portland, OR.  Together with the organizers of the Portland and San Francisco Foursquare Day events, we helped educate and promote Foursquare and this national celebratory day.

The day of the event was very exciting.  Saddleranch provided free shots and bull rides for our Foursquare swarmers along with the official Foursquare swag, kindly provided by Foursquare, and the generous sponsorship of for providing the free giveaways and gift card raffle, we had many happy Foursquare users.  We had a good turnout, some who showed up all decked out in Foursquare gear! One of our local L.A. social media bloggers, Vanessa B. (@aLAnessa), even came by with her awesome homemade Foursquare badge cupcakes (which can be seen on the official Foursquare blog)!

Photos from our event could be seen on my Flickr account as well as from Howaboutwe’s facebook page.

I know Los Angeles will be representing bigger and better next year because planning is already in progress! We want to thank all the sponsors, including Saddleranch, Howaboutwe, LA, Inc. and Single Tease, and all the Foursquare users who supported us and came out to party with us! We had a terrific time and look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

Late last night, while I was enjoying a nice Fat Tire, checking out the Untappd 4sqday map, and participating in the special Foursquare Day Eve #4sqchat, I spotted a tweet from Chad. It included this link to the page that shows all of the Gowalla users who are getting a “Foursixteen Pin.

With the pin Gowalla says, “Share a check-in with your Foursquare friends on Foursquare Day, 4/16, to earn a shiny new pin!

As soon as I saw it, I was really moved. I am so happy that Gowalla users are able to participate in 4sqday in their own way with their own app! From the very beginning, I wanted Foursquare Day to be enjoyed by all people. To illustrate this, the very first bullet in the Foursquare Day Community Guidelines from last year was “Exclude no one.”

Foursquare Day is about social media and community. The fact that Gowalla went out of their way to participate in 4sqday shows how strongly they are committed to the community. It was very classy and fun, and while I have never met the Gowalla team, I’ve only heard great things about how amazingly cool they are. Gowalla gladly sponsored the most recent Barcamp Tampa and the Tampa digerati appreciated it.

So all you foursquare fans, while you are out there checking in, take a moment and check Gowalla and other services new to you. Please show Gowalla some love and let them know what a fine operation you think they are. As Chad said:

With Foursqaure Day right around the corner, we invite you to snap, filter, and share photos with us on using the hashtag #4SqDay! We would love your help capturing all of the fantastic photos from the events being held around the world to create one global #4SqDay gallery!

Make sure to include your location (you can even check-in via foursquare by connecting your account) so we know where you are celebrating and be sure to share via TwitterTumblrFacebook to help spread the word about #4SqDay!

If you don’t already have this iPhone app, you can download it for free here:

Also, follow our photostream on (@4SqDay) as @aLAnessa helps us capture #4SqDay from Los Angeles, CA. 🙂