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A long while ago, many people were wondering how a business without a physical (venue) presence could connect with its target market. A short while later, foursquare created the brand page. In its latest iteration, foursquare allows brands to check-in and broadcast that onto their Facebook Page and Twitter profile; however, brand pages are not allowed to gain mayorships or badges. Along the way, big brands with physical presences also created brand pages in order to connect with their customers. Up until just recently, however, there was a gap in the experience between the claimed business venue on foursquare and its potential related brand page. However, now that has all changed, and this is for the better. So, physical brands on foursquare can connect their foursquare brand pages to each of their claimed venues, allowing more streamlined interaction with customers. No longer do brands have to resort to leaving tips on their claimed venue pages to inform customers about their brand page presence.  No longer do they have to create two channels of communication or give out two different links within two different messages. As of the end of last week, brands can now connect the two, providing their foursquare customer with the additional link to their foursquare brand page.


So, if you have a foursquare brand page and a claimed venue like one of my clients, Max Muscle of Cobb (for example), does, it would be extremely advantageous to connect them! Here are a few quick reasons why:

  1. Less Headache – Communicating and engaging becomes more streamlined!
  2. More Efficient – relaying one, unified message can make all the difference in the world, and it saves lots of time.
  3. Visual Enhancement – if you connect the two, your venue locations will be plotted on the (nearby) map on the brand page. This will make it easier for customers to find the location that is nearest to them! This is especially helpful if you have more than one location!

So, be sure to connect your business today!

Foursquare is a data mining machine. They’ve always been great at keeping good, clean statistics about venues and check-ins. And this year is no different. This graph is from 2010’s holiday travel season. They haven’t released this years stats yet (probably want to make it pretty/readable).

It appears that Train travel is popular in the New England states and all the way down to North Carolina. Chicago, LA and San Francisco are also represented well in train travel. That vertical line in the top left corner of the map is actually the train track from Eugene, Oregon all the way to Vancouver, BC. As one user pointed out:

Just shows how far the US has to go in terms of train travel. Both the French TGV network and the current Chinese high-speed system put the nation that brought us the ‘Iron Horse’ to shame!
It is interesting to see that at 4 different instances/days, Train travel had more check-ins than Airplane. It appears that there are 8 occurrences where Train and Airplane check-ins were equal.
It is also interesting to note the wavy the plane travel is. I’m curious to know exactly what days are the highs and lows. Are Tuesday travel days low and Friday high?
Even though foursquare is dominate in the US, I’d also like to see a world map of the check-ins.
I think we’re all looking forward to more info-graphs and data for the upcoming 2012 year.

We know what the nay-sayers have to say about foursquare: “you’re letting everyone know you’re out of your house, and you’re going to be robbed,” “why would anyone care that you’ve gone grocery shopping,” and “I just don’t get it.”

That’s always what I heard when foursquare was just starting. The best part, though, is this perception has changed a lot, thanks to 2011.

15 million users as of this past december, the last 5 million of which, came in the 2nd half of the year proves not only are more people using smartphones, but that they’re also seeing the value from social media as a whole, and especially foursquare, a social media of its own kind.

Maybe it’s reflective that people in this decade want more than Facebook, and are now drawn to different platforms. Maybe it’s similar to how Facebook and Twitter users want to highlight everything about themselves, and foursquare allows them to do this in a unique and exciting way. Or maybe it’s just another way for us, as business people, or fans of brands, to promote what we love (or are paid to love).

No matter what it really is, however, it’s up to us, the pros of foursquare, to use it smart and to show the newbies the way too. foursquare is a tool that lets the places in our backyards become an open community, so as the user base will continue to grow in the coming months, we need to remember this. Just like we need to use foursquare more than ever now because as the tide has clearly changed on how the world sees foursquare, we need to convince our newly joined friends that it’s worth sticking around on too.

Hi guys! I’m Fernanda Silvestre (@nanndasilvestre), 30, brazilian, a social media planner and lover, and crazy about foursquare. I have to say it’s a pleasure to post here. It’s really an honor to be part of this team! Thanks a lot, Juice and Carlos, for the invitation! I do really appreciate it! 

So to start posting here I’m gonna tell about our foursquare’s reality in Brazil.

Here, we are still a small foursquare community (for a huge country) but we’re growing fast.

foursquare in São Paulo - Brazil


I’m (as a super-user level-2) very happy to find lots of venues to fix,because it means people are using foursquare and enjoying it. They sometimes create strange venues (but it’s a matter for another post lol)!

Some of us have been using foursquare since the beginning, but most of people are now discovering what foursquare is and what is its purpose.

Because of this, I think this year promises a lot in Social Media area, mainly because of geolocation. And of course, foursquare contributes a lot for this. Many social media analysts and agencies are discovering this new potential tool for business and their clients and now we can find Specials almost everywhere!

foursquare venues in Ribeirão Preto

Small business understood that foursquare could help them to find a way in social marketing and to have a better performance in sales!

We still need more social media professionals who understand more about all the possibilities that this social network can offer. They are on the way to give them better options to their clients and to create more creative Specials!

foursquare: sampa badge


We are so happy with all the development of foursquare last year. We celebrate our SAMPA badge and all the efforts of foursquare team to make claim venues easier for us.

We heart foursquare!

I s2 foursquare!

Advances in technology allow nearly everyone to carry an endless source of information in the palm of your hand in the form of smartphones. Thus it is important for you to make use of this technology to create an interactive learning environment that will better capture the interests of your students. Luckily, whether you are teaching middle school, high school or even undergraduate and graduate programs, Foursquare make this easy to accomplish. With it’s easy to use interface and ability to track the locations of students nearly anywhere, Foursquare allows you teach lessons in history, geography and can even help manage your classroom.

Learning about History

Some colleges use Foursquare to help students find local historic information. For instance, the archaeology department at Michigan State University, uses the app to mark specific historical buildings and other markers on or around the campus. This approach to learning can easily be implemented into your classroom, allowing students to learn more about the history of the campus or for campus orientation. As a student checks in to various locations on campus, Foursquare provides historical pictures and other information about the student’s exact location. Thus to create an assignment, request students to gather one piece of information from a list of specific sites around campus. This will acclimate new students to the campus and help returning students learn more about their surroundings.


As Foursquare records your location to let your friends know where you are when you check in, it makes a good tool to teach students about geography. Split your students up into groups or send students off individually to explore a restaurant in town. Each student or group of students must check in at the restaurant, and then learn everything they can about the establishment so they can share with the class. The next day your students present their findings and can mark the restaurants on a map using Foursquare so everyone in the class can see where their classmates went, and where each place is in relation to their school, homes, etc. Not only will this project help students locate specific businesses, but it can also help with teamwork, research skills and public speaking.

Scavenger Hunts

To encourage your students to find new places, set up a scavenger hunt for your class that involves checking in at multiple locations around the area. Each student must check in at each location using Foursquare to track their progress and take a picture of the desired object to show in class. Encourage your students to complete the tasks as quickly as possible. You can use the Foursquare check-in times to determine who is the winner.


Some teachers prefer to take attendance the old-fashioned way by calling each student’s name and marking them present or absent based on the response. However, Foursquare can be used in the classroom to help you track attendance in your class without going through the lengthy process of calling each student’s name and making a mark in your book. Requiring your students to check in to class each day will provide you with an easy way to see who is present and who isn’t. As Foursquare marks your present location, a student can’t alter the results to make it appear they are in class when they aren’t.

No matter how you use Foursquare in the classroom, it can serve as a useful tool to help you teach your students. Whether you implement its functionality into class projects to learn history or geography or use it to take attendance, the advances in social media technology can work to your advantage, especially since most students carry cell phones. Most students already use these social media tools, so using them in the classroom is a great way to encourage them to learn.

As a part of 4sqday 2.0’s theme of ‘make every day a great foursquare day’, I decided to show how foursquare helped me track my trip.

At the end of July, my partner and I moved from Seattle, Washington, to Baltimore, Maryland. We hitched up our Honda, packed the U-Haul, and kenneled our Pug.

Here are some notable stops:

2. Zip’s Drive-in Ritzville, WA On our first day across the state of Washington, we stopped out our favorite greasy spoon. It may not be cheap, but definitely worth the price and stop.

4. Taco Time Missoula, MT For anyone in the Pacific NorthWest, you’ve heard of Taco Time. Crisp bean burrito and mexi-tots for me, please! (This stop on our trip was mainly to say goodbye to Taco Time. They don’t have these in the East.)

8. Walmart Superstore Bozeman, MT My partner was fascinated. For the next 200 miles she talked about how crazy it was they sold guns.

12. Mount Rushmore National Monument Keystone, SD This was a neat stop we had to do. I’m not a fan of touristy-stuff, but this was quite awesome.

13. Crazy Horse Memorial Custer, SD To get through the Mid-West, we had to stop at Crazy Horse. Construction started in 1948, and there is no clear completion date.

16. Wall Drug Wall, SD The most famous Drug Store. They have advertisements on the side of the road 250 miles away.

18. The Corn Palace Mitchell, SD We saw signs for this place on the way, and a place made of of corn caught our attention.

20. Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth, MN Definitely worth the stop. This Jolly Green Giant has nothing to do with the company. They didn’t want to fork the cash for this statue, so the citizens did.

Foursquare made it possible to track our trip while earning points and gaining knowledge of our surroundings. Have you ever traveled somewhere and used foursquare as a trip-tracker?

Snoball is an awesome site that allows individuals, companies and brands to raise money for charities through social media, including with foursquare check-ins. I recently used it as a fundraising tool when Foursquare Houston co-sponsored the Houston Tweet Drive for our December monthly meet-up.  It is super-easy to set up and is extremely flexible and manageable. My Snoball:

First, choose your non-profit. Snoball has a thorough database of non-profit charities and I had no problem finding and selecting one.  It’s best if you search using the exact name of the charity as their internal search is very specific.

Second, choose your event. Here is where you would select social media and a foursquare check-in. But with the options presented you can really be creative and make anything a Snoball!   You then select whether it is based on solely your check-in or anyone’s check-in and the location (based on your recent check-ins). This is where using Snoball for a specific event can get tricky. You’ll want to set it up as close as possible to your event as there are no “start” dates or times (more on this later).  Also, the venue selected needs to be somewhere you visited recently. I had never been to the venue of the Tweet Drive before, but one mobile website check-in later and I was in business.

Third, choose your amount per check-in. Snoball will not charge your credit card until you have $20 worth of check-ins. I had a concern with all the publicity around this event that thousands of jumpers would check-in and max out my credit card. Not only was that far from the case (we had 47 check-ins) but I had the opportunity to delete any check-ins before processing. So, you could in theory set up the snoball in advance and promote it beforehand without any trouble. Lesson learned: don’t be shy with the amount!

After the event, unless you are the most benevolent person in the world (and you are, right?), don’t forget to delete your snoball.

I love this site, it could be used in so many applications, not just for fundraising events:  a motivation tool, a celebration, a reminder. Just a really great product overall and works easily with foursquare. Something to consider when planning for Foursquare Day…