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I’ve resisted long enough. It had to be done. Google+’s new meme generator made it way too easy for me.



I could do this all day. What’s your best foursquare Ryan Gosling?

Tacos are adored globally, but especially here in Texas. That’s why we Texans were stoked with the inclusion of the Hot Tamale badge in the recent core badge cornucopia. We have more Mexican restaurants, Tex-Mex eateries, burrito shops, taco trucks, and drive-thru taquerias than you can shake a Lonestar at.  And with the new “expertise” Hot Tamale badge levels, we can show off our chile relleno know how. A level 10 Hot Tamale badge would give us more Texan clout than a giant cowboy hat or shiny belt buckle. Not that those are actually things we wear here. Stereotypes, y’all!

I was in South Texas for Thanksgiving, where tamales are traditionally served along with (deep fried) turkey and all the trimmings. On Black Friday morning, I ventured out (bypassing the Mall Rat badge unlock, thank you very much) to enjoy some breakfast tacos with Ian, co-admin of Foursquare Corpus Christi and taco historian.  I witnessed his Hot Tamale unlock in person – he was at an impressive Level 9. Guac and roll, indeed! I myself am only a paltry Level 7 – although I am on a mission to try as much queso as possible, so I’m working on it. Give me a break, just like Hank Hill, I’m not a native Texan.

These new expertise badges make checking in exciting again! Do you find that you’re trying to gain a higher level of expertise, going to places you’ve never been? I find myself recommending going out to new Mexican restaurants to friends all the time – trying to attain that victorious Level 10 status, I tell you whut.

Breakfast Taco Menu

Breakfast Tacos offered by Taqueria Jalsico #8


Ian checking in and unlocking the Level 9 Hot Tamale badge!

Photographers have a great opportunity to shine on foursquare. This was the subject of a recent #4sqchat (a weekly chat on Twitter at 9p ET).

1. Third Party Apps

On Rock Center with Brian Williams, acclaimed photographer Annie Liebovitz shares her opinion that the best point and shoot camera is the iPhone. You might already be playing paparazzi with a number of different apps on your phone.

PicPlz, Instagram, and Foodspotting are a few popular applications for photographs that can also check you in on foursquare.


2. Photo Shout on Check-In

A tweet gets 140 characters. A shout on foursquare gets 200 characters. Pictures, as they say, are worth a 1000 words. They also look really good on foursquare’s news feed. You also have the option to let anyone at the venue see the picture or just keep it among your friends. A public pictures will expand your reach.

ProTip: Make it 2000+ words by adding multiple pics. Just click the +Photo button next to +Comment on your check-in.


3. Tips

Leaving tips at foursquare venues helps share insider knowledge and thoughts. Pictures help. Personally, I tend to pay more attention to photo tips. Share a great photo about the venue as a tip. Even if you’re not a food photographer – you still have the opportunity to share something interesting, intriguing, or your photographic perspective.


4. Lists

Curate your photography experience. Connect tips that link to your interests as a photographer. You could have a list of favorite photography locations in your city, a list of clients/client venues, and a sporting venues (if you are a sports photographer).

Here’s a great example that was shared by Chris Thompson, editor of,  during #4sqchat:



5. Get More Exposure With A Foursquare Page (Bonus Tip)

Really serious about your pictures? Set up a foursquare page and start getting followers. Here’s a nice example… one of the best that I came across when searching for photographers on foursquare. This was also shared by @airthom during #4sqchat.

Notice how Solar Flare Photography has watermarked their photos, too. How is that possible? Edit your pictures, send them to your phone, and then go back through your foursquare check-in history and add a photo tip. Well done!


Now get out there and take some pictures!

John M. Sanchez, my fellow Foursquare Houston community manager, dressed in a Foursquare Mayor costume for Halloween!

John’s semi-homemade foursquare costume consisted of:

  • a blue hoodie from the Target (the women’s section!) – please notice how the blue and green colors reflect the new foursquare logo
  • a crown purchased from Michaels
  • short blue shorts – already owned, he referees soccer in them, oops – those were from Target too.
  • foursquare logos/stickers printed out and applied with make-your-own-sticker adhesive, also purchased at Michaels

His costume was a total surprise when I met up with him at The Black Sheep Agency‘s Trick or Tweet Social Media Shin-Dig.  I thought it was genius and another great way to promote foursquare in Houston.  Since it was a social media event, almost everyone got it right away.  That wasn’t always the case when we went out pub crawling that weekend, but it gave him a chance to somewhat explain who he was and why he chose to be a Foursquare Mayor for Halloween.  If I only had known ahead of time, I bet I could have made an awesome foursquare Pouty Princess.  Just another way to “make every day a foursquare day…” even Halloween!


Foursquare Houston Costume

Foursquare Houston Costume with 4sq Groupie Badge Sticker

Back of Foursquare Mayor Costume

Back of Foursquare Mayor Costume with Logo

Foursquare Super Mayor Costume

Foursquare Mayor Costume with Super Mayor Badge Sticker

Foursquare Mayor Costume Shorts

Foursquare Mayor Costume Shorts

pictures via FoursquareHOU and Smilebooth, LLC

Points are great. They add that little surprising zip to regular check in and can add a POW when they add up. This nice 15-pointer was snapped by Vanessa, @aLAnessa,  4sqday’s Instagrammer extraordinaire and baker of the famous foursquare badge cupcakes!  Look for more of her 4sqday pics on Instagram.

Add remember, in addition to helping plan a rockin’ 4/16, we are also helping make every day a 4sqday, so show us your pics! Email us any awesome foursquare-related pics to and if we ❤ them, we’ll post them for the world to see!