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On April 16, 2012 Entrepreneur Christopher Vandaele will become the second person in history to acquire the coveted Last Degree Badge in celebration of National 4sqDay. Vandaele will accomplish this walking on the Artic High 90° North Pole Expedition to the Geographic North Pole.

Christophe Vandaele will be using his Iridium 9555 satellite phone connected, by cable, to an HP PDA device. The device contains a piece of software called Contact 5 which will allow Vandaele to connect to Foursquare at the bare minimum level, sufficient enough to “check in.”

The badge was originally created to be unlocked, one time, only by polar adventurer, Parker Liautaud, on his expedition in 2010.

Learn more about the expedition and track Christophe Vandaele’s progress at

For the second year in a row, foursquare is sending out swag packs for qualifying meetups for 4sqDay 2012. Encourage your friends and community to RSVP for your 4sqDay event on Meetup this week! foursquare will be sending swag packs to as many meetups as possible, with priority given to larger meetups. Expect to see things like pins, stickers, name tags, and maybe a fun surprise! Here’s how:

Follow this link and sign up your city through foursquare. Be honest about the number of people you think might be attending. We understand this number can fluctuate, but your best guess is appreciated.

To get going on planning your Foursquare Day using meetup simply go to the foursquare meetup site, find and click on your community in the list or use the search box to see if you need to create a new community listing. Then simply click RSVP next to the Foursquare Day 2012 Worldwide Meetup Day listing on your community’s page.

Are you unfamiliar on how to celebrate 4sqDay? It’s quite easy and fun; check out a post from the past on tips to making a good 4sqDay.

In addition to hosting and attending a meetup, here are some other great ways to celebrate Foursquare Day:

– Get local businesses involved by encouraging them to offer a foursquare special or deal on 4/16. Get started here.

– Get your town’s mayor to declare 4/16 as the official Foursquare Day – it’s actually easier than it sounds! Learn how others did it here.

– Play the actual game of foursquare on 4/16 (yes, the one with the ball)! It’s simple, here’s how.

– Tweet us @4sqDay. We want to know who is hosting a party!

We know what the nay-sayers have to say about foursquare: “you’re letting everyone know you’re out of your house, and you’re going to be robbed,” “why would anyone care that you’ve gone grocery shopping,” and “I just don’t get it.”

That’s always what I heard when foursquare was just starting. The best part, though, is this perception has changed a lot, thanks to 2011.

15 million users as of this past december, the last 5 million of which, came in the 2nd half of the year proves not only are more people using smartphones, but that they’re also seeing the value from social media as a whole, and especially foursquare, a social media of its own kind.

Maybe it’s reflective that people in this decade want more than Facebook, and are now drawn to different platforms. Maybe it’s similar to how Facebook and Twitter users want to highlight everything about themselves, and foursquare allows them to do this in a unique and exciting way. Or maybe it’s just another way for us, as business people, or fans of brands, to promote what we love (or are paid to love).

No matter what it really is, however, it’s up to us, the pros of foursquare, to use it smart and to show the newbies the way too. foursquare is a tool that lets the places in our backyards become an open community, so as the user base will continue to grow in the coming months, we need to remember this. Just like we need to use foursquare more than ever now because as the tide has clearly changed on how the world sees foursquare, we need to convince our newly joined friends that it’s worth sticking around on too.

4sqday is all about local businesses who, for one special day, offer an incredible Fourquare deal to bring attention to their location. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Let’s take a look at what one Portland-area pizza shop is doing with Foursquare. Or as they call it, “Schmoursquare.”

That's Mayor Schmizza to you!

Question of the day: What’s the BEST local Foursquare deal you’ve ever unlocked?

Cue the marching band. Get excited! More and more colleges are joining foursquare for their own school badge.

To date, 26 28 universities have released their special school badge. The schools vary in size, from University of California, to University of Louisville. Each university has different requirements for achieving the badge. However, they all agree on on requirement: follow the school on foursquare.,-97.207031&spn=48.807493,74.707031&z=3&output=embed
View College badges in a larger map

We hope foursquare can reach 50 schools by 2013! For all you badge hunters out there, you can only unlock 1 University badge! (I wish I could state how many badges each university has earned) For a clean list of badges, check out


Today is October 16, 2011. It is exactly 1.5 years since the first Foursquare Day and six month until 4sqday 2012. I like to think of October 16 as 4sqDay-point-five. It’s the point of no return; halfway passed last year and halfway towards next year’s 4sqday. So today seemed like a perfect day to announce the launching of 4sqDay 2.0!

Of course, April 16 is a great day to get out, check in, and do things with your foursquare community. However,  it is still only one day out of the year. And many of us use foursquare every day. So Foursquare Day is going to evolve to include that idea. Our new slogan is “Helping to make every day a 4sqDay!”

Starting now, in addition to helping organize April 16th activities, we will be covering foursquare users and the developing  foursquare community they create. This will not be a site for badge hunters or resource about the upgrades and versions about the foursquare app. There are some fantastic sites out there for that including the official foursquare blog, About Foursquare, socialDino, and others. 4sqDay has always been and continues to be about the people that use foursquare and the events and communities.

We are excited about this new direction for 4sqDay and we are looking for other people who are excited. If you would like to submit a guest blog post about a great foursquare day you had send it to us! If you and your community organizers hold a great foursquare event, like Milan did recently, let us know!

– Nate

PS: A huge thanks to Justin Henderson for helping to get our site back in order after the hack. He has done a fantastic job and has a lot of great ideas for 4sqDay! Look for more from him soon!