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A week ago, students from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY received a 4sqDay proclamation from the Mayor of Ithaca. With only a week to plan, Ian Perry and Clayton Dubin have chosen to hold their 4sqDay event at a pizza place called The Nines. The event will be sponsored by Sonar, an app that tells you more about the people around you, revealing the hidden connections you might have otherwise missed. Sonar lets you check in through Foursquare, and then check out who nearby shares the same interests and friends.

It was too late to get any freebies from foursquare, but the team will be giving away some free swag from Sonar. They are hoping to get students excited about foursquare and Sonar, and introduce ways to use both in their professional and social lives. They will be holding a “scavenger hunt” and possibly “speed dating” event using Sonar after attendees have checked in.

The owner of The Nines has also agreed to offer a 4sqDay special, which is a huge step in a city where 4sq specials are sparse.  In addition, The Cornell Store will also be offering a check-in special during the day. The team is hoping to get more local businesses involved in future 4sq Days. They are realizing that not enough business owners in Ithaca know what Foursquare is. In a city that is home to schools including Cornell and Ithaca College, Clayton and Ian think the potential is huge. Because students love saving money and most have some presence on social networks, the team believes that Ithaca could benefit greatly from Foursquare.

The team is still working to get more sponsors, and spread the word about the event. They are also hoping that the Mayor will make an appearance at the party!

The beautiful Espanola Way at Miami Beach is joining the global #4sqday celebration April 16th, 2012 for the first time. Starting at 7pm, our little village will be filled with the social network spirit; six participating venues, marked with the official 4sqday posters, will offer $4.16 specials. We’ll be inside these venues and outside on the street spreading the word and joy.

We have seen previous celebrations and events around the world – their pictures, their videos, their smiles and their T-shirts!-, and we just couldn’t help ourselves but to join in! We have promoted the event with our customers through Twitter, Facebook, of course Foursquare, and spreading the word through the participating venues. We are expecting a great deal of Foursquare junkies and other people that just want to have a great time. So far, people reading our message, have been kind enough to spread the word and invite their friends to come over on the marked date. We’ll have amazing themed t-shirts for people to buy them; ALL profit will go to a charity that we’ll be announcing at our t-shirt stands.

Our sponsoring and participating venues will be: Oh Mexico Restaurant and Cantina, Café Nuvó, Havana 1957, Drexel Irish Pub, Cevichery and Tapas y Tintos. To stay on the know and connected, follow our official Twitter user @4SQDAY_sobe or visit our website We invite you to upload your pictures, comments and videos tagging them with #4sqday and/or #EspanolaWay, and mentioning the official Twitter account. All of your pictures will be displayed on screens at the participating venues!

Tourist or local, we hope you enjoy celebrating with us as much as we do. Tweet and check in away!

On April 16, 2012 Entrepreneur Christopher Vandaele will become the second person in history to acquire the coveted Last Degree Badge in celebration of National 4sqDay. Vandaele will accomplish this walking on the Artic High 90° North Pole Expedition to the Geographic North Pole.

Christophe Vandaele will be using his Iridium 9555 satellite phone connected, by cable, to an HP PDA device. The device contains a piece of software called Contact 5 which will allow Vandaele to connect to Foursquare at the bare minimum level, sufficient enough to “check in.”

The badge was originally created to be unlocked, one time, only by polar adventurer, Parker Liautaud, on his expedition in 2010.

Learn more about the expedition and track Christophe Vandaele’s progress at

Foursquare Day Houston proclamation

The next installment in our 4sqDay City Spotlight series is Houston, TX. This will be Houston’s 3rd year hosting a 4sqday event, but the first time since original city organizer John and I combined forces. Last year, Corpus Christi’s foursquare day was my going away party.  This year, I’ve decided to invite a very important guest to the party.


Dear Mayor Annise Parker,

Thank you very much for proclaiming April 16th, 2012 “Foursquare Day” in Houston.

I wanted to cordially invite you, Kathy, and your staff to our foursquare day party! For the third year in a row we’re having it at Firkin & Phoenix, which is at 1915 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098 at 6PM (it is a school night). That’s not too far from your house; you could just ride your bike to Firkin! You can RSVP here. What it was like last year:

I noticed you don’t use foursquare (like you fondly use twitter), but I think you’d really like it. Foursquare’s main objective is helping people explore cities. And there’s so much to discover here in Space City! It is also a free tool for local businesses to promote themselves, and we’re all about our local economy, right?

Moreover, this year our party is raising funds for charity. For each check-in at Firkin & Phoenix, at least $2 will be donated to Houston’s Ronald McDonald House, using Texas-based snoball. If you are interested in contributing to the snoball, let us know.

Other things happening at the party:

Firkin & Phoenix will have a special foursquare shot, $4 16oz drafts and $4 Crown Royal and Crown Black. If you’re wearing a crown, you might as well be drinking Crown.

Fousquare Day Shotglasses
We will have events such as a real-life foursquare game! Did you play that game as a kid? Here’s foursquare Houston co-manager John playing last year:

Foursquare Game on 4sqDay 2011

We will have food trucks: Houston favorites such as The Modular and Oh My Gogi!,  as well as custom-made Sprinkles cupcakes!

We will have giveaways! Current swag includes:

Houston has also been selected to participate in a special giveaway from Bing! Stay tuned to our twitter, facebook, and tumblr for details.
Such a good time was had last year; you can’t miss out this year.  Hope to see you check-in with all the other Houston (foursquare) mayors!  If you need any help setting up an account or talking to local businesses and brands about it, Foursquare Houston is here for you.


Nicole Buergers
Foursquare Houston
Mayor of 25 venues


Image credits: David Huynh & CuPics

This year in Latvia’s capital Riga, we will hold a 4sqDay Specials Parade. It will take place in 2nd most visited venue in our country – the biggest mall, Alfa.

Why move from a cozy pub to a crowded trading place? Exactly for that particular reason – for the crowd!

In such a country where foursquare specials are not exactly the common thing, you can find them by pressing the foursquare explore button, we decided to show both – the visitors and the businesses – how foursquare could give them an additional value.

A passionate foursquare friend and colleague in Public Relations, Mrs. Ligita Brodina, energized the trade center management, renters and additional partners so we will have a live example of all 16 specials in the range of few hundred meters. During the evening event, my colleague – blogger and IT enthusiast, social media expert Kristaps Skutelis and I will have the privilege to host a show with lots of guests.

As you might have heard, Riga is one of the cities granted the City Badge in the foursquare contest. Together with the Riga city’s tourist bureau Live Riga we will bring it to a new level – a contest of sketches will be announced in order to get best possible symbol representing the city. The mayor will be in the judge, deciding which one is worthy to be presented to foursquare.

We will have a super swarm attempt – for a good cause – if we succeed – there will be donation made to animal shelters. So not only the goodies, contests and just a fun – also a chance to do a good thing with your check-in is about to happen.
And of course – it wont be Riga if some of our secrets won’t be revealed until the sun rises on 16/04.

Guest post by: Mareks

A veteran of #4sqDay, the City Spotlight turns to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Along with Tampa, this is Portsmouth’s 3rd year holding a #4sqDay. The team has grown to four city leaders and will be getting some assistance from the University of New Hampshire to help promote the big day.

When asked ‘what made you want to host the party’ their response was beautiful, we had to publish it whole:

Portsmouth is just a small town in the Northeast, but we have an incredibly tech-savvy community that quickly embraces the use of social media to connect with one another, do good, and share information with one another. When Foursquare emerged, we were eager to use it to make our community even stronger. Our mission has always been to provide a forum for businesses and individuals to share information, special offers, and special events with each other, and to learn more about how foursquare and other location-based services can bring our community together.

The team forsees a drop in this years attendance. Since 2011’s 4sqDay was on a Saturday, Portsmouth’s city leaders feel about 50% will be back. They are also working on a raffle or maybe something charity related to bring in more people. However, during the last two Novembers, Portsmouth’s crew holds a ‘Check-in to Charity’ event. This event brings in donations toward Movember.

Education about how to register a special or venue has been a minor stumbling block. To counteract that, they’ve created blog posts and printed handouts to help local businesses. The team is still working out the details with the venue on what specials will be provided for the big day, but also have posted other venues that will have specials.

The Portsmouth 4sqDay team  is really focused on businesses. They created special Rack Cards that are being handed out to local businesses which were designed by Vital Design and printed by Infinite Imaging. Other local sponsors include: Vital Design, Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, Raka Creative, The Music Hall, and the University of New Hampshire.

Last year, former-Mayor Ferrini did declare April 16th as 4sqDay. The team is working with the new mayor, Mayor Spear to show them the world of foursquare. We wish them good luck!

It is worth noting that in 2010, Portsmouth was the top-ranked city for attendees 4sqDay.

Be sure to follow Portsmouth on Twitter, like them on Facebook and read their blog.

For our next installment of City Spotlight, we travel to Milan Italy.
The team at will be putting on their second 4sqDay even in Milan. The team actually grew to 8 members before last year. And this year, they are getting a little help from WPP Group and Ambito5.
In 2011, the team wanted to involve several of their clients to create a unique event. The event took place during Fuorisalone (Milan Design Week) and around 500 people checked in. Around 260 stayed for the entire event, cashing in on drinks and food. This year they expect about 200 or so users.
There will be a table football (Foosball for Americans) contest and prizes are to be determined.
Last year, the winners were rewarded with  Sony Ericsson Xperia phones, and this years prize could be even better. For Specials, there will be an overall special that will grant access to any gadget/food/beverage/experience our brands will decided to offer on 4sqDay.  They have partnered up with ADCI (Art Directors Club Italiano) and with the Milan community of Instagramers that will provide support and also print out photos from the event and will give them to users.
For more pictures of last years awesome event, click here.
Where will you be on #4sqDay?