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This page will be updated regularly with more information as we near 4/16


Foursquare has yet again teamed up with to organize the 2012 4sqday. If you are planning on organizing your city/county foursquare day, then sign up quickly! If a city already has someone leading the day, you can certainly help them out. It’s quite a job organizing one of these events.

The Meetup website is the official site that foursquare will be monitoring for parties around the globe!


ButtonUp is a small, up-and-coming custom button making company that excels in creativeness and speed. This year, ButtonUp is pinning themselves with the 4sqday campaign. They’re committed to creating the coolest buttons for your own 4sqday city.  Below are a few examples of what they can do for each city; Paris, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas


They are spreading hapPINess with their awesome, cute little pins. If you are interested in purchasing some for your foursquare day event, you can contact them here



ScreenScape is back again connecting all 4sqday parties together! Last year, ScreenScape donated their time and bandwidth to make 4/16 a great day for the community. 

This year, your community leaders will once again be setting up a free account with ScreenScape. With ScreenScape we will be able to see what other parties are doing to celebrate 4sqday with just our laptop or television at the venue. On the screen, we’ll be showing tweets, images, videos (from all across the globe) and maybe even a special message from foursquare.

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