To everyone who has participated in 4sqDay, I have one thing to say: Cupcakes.

More #4sqday treats from @aLAnessa!

In going through the awesome posts, pictures, and parties  from around the world it is obvious to me:  Foursquare users really like cupcakes. Cupcakes with badges, flags, candy, in all manner of colors and regional styles.

But if I had to use a second and third word, they would be THANK YOU! It has been SOOO amazing to see the tweets, check ins, badges, posters, cupcakes, and everything else that people have created. Whether you checked-in at new business, partied at foursquare meetup, organized a community event, or helped spread the word in all your crazy ways, thank you. Thank you squared.

A special thank you goes out to Justin Henderson, who really stepped it up this year and ran things, especially the day-to-day operation of the blog content.  Likewise to all the 4sqday bloggers (in no particular order)  Nicole, DwayneMareks, Michael, Fernanda, and anyone else I am forgetting! And Vanessa does more than bake famous cupcakes! She has been rocking the graphics scene and Instagram. Without you all, 4sqDay 2012 would not have been the success that it was!

Thanks to all the political leaders from mayors to presidents who made proclamations and gave shout outs for 4sqDay. It is fantastic to see that these people get that foursquare and 4sqDay is not  frivolous, but is a meaningful supporter of local communities and economic development.

Thanks to Untappd. They rock for creating their second 4sqDay badge and heatmap! Also Screenscape and ButtonUp get shoutouts for reaching out!

And, of course, thank you to the fine folks at foursquare because without them, this whole thing would be rather silly.

So what now?

Well, first, you may be wondering what is going on with this temp site. We have to deal with the rotten hack that was affecting portions of the site. We had thought that we had resolved the issue before, but clearly we haven’t. Sit tight while we get this taken care of.

We do have some ideas that we are very excited to announce, but first… let’s finish up this 4sqDay.

  • We are looking for people to share stories about their local events. It can be what happened, what worked, what DIDN’T work, what you’d like to do differently next year.
  • We have been sharing event pictures from all over the world on our facebook page. If yours isn’t up there, let us know. We want to include everyone!
  • If you want a Pinterest board, to post pictures in your cities, let us know.
  • We’ve mentioned this before, but if you see any local press or blogs or other media coverage in your community, use this link to submit them. We’ve had over 60 submissions in the last few days from all over the world! Soon wed we will share them!

And here are a few other things other things you can do:

  • Keep growing your foursquare community!
  • Connect with people who attended 4sqday meetups in your community.
  • If you have ideas or ways that you’d like to be involved in 4sqDay organizing, let us know.
  • Help us update the Wikipedia page. It is very stale.
  • And of course, keep checking in!

Cheers to all!!  Thank you!   Cupcakes!