The City Spotlight now shines on Philadelphia, for 4sqDay. But this isn’t your normal 4sqDay booze and prizes event. Philly has announced the 2012 4sqDay Games. This is Annie’s first year hosting the event, but not without some help from the Social Media Club of Philadelphia. Annie is obsessed with the Hunger Games and thought it would be hilarious to do a foursquare version.

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This event will be an actual foursquare tournament, but played Hunger Games style. Annie is the Game Maker, creating a court with tape at the Marion Anderson Rec Center. Players will be Tributes from several “districts” (aka community organizations): SMC Philly, Indy Hall, Inliquid, PANMA, P’unk Ave,  William Way Center, Geekadelphia and Technically Philly.

On April 16th at 7:30pm, the Tributes will come and compete at the game of foursquare.

A victor will crowned. Losers may cry. All of it will be livestreamed.

Annie and the crew will be asking for donations for the Rec Center. Local beverage Liquid Lightning is providing everyone with their energy drinks and frankly, these people are going to need it. This is going to be a grueling showdown. They’ll also have 2 medals, engraved for the event, for two winners. Come on. These ARE GAMES OF THE AGES.

Annie laughs “We’ll have some food on-site. Which is pretty funny, since we’re modeling this whole shin-dig after the HUNGER games. Foursquare and checking in works up an appetite.”

I just want to give a shout out to the other community orgs that are joining us in this event and competing for the 2012 Philly Foursquare Games title: Drink Philly, Geekadelphia, Indy Hall, Inliquid, Independence Visitor Center with PCVB, Technically Philly, PANMA, P’unk Ave, William Way Center and of course SMC Philly.  It’s super cool that so many organizations are down to do something like this. Just more proof that Philly is the epicenter of awesome.

They also plan on livestreaming the event so that people can watch this ridiculousity from around the world.

Be sure to grab your ticket, and some popcorn for these games!