This year in Latvia’s capital Riga, we will hold a 4sqDay Specials Parade. It will take place in 2nd most visited venue in our country – the biggest mall, Alfa.

Why move from a cozy pub to a crowded trading place? Exactly for that particular reason – for the crowd!

In such a country where foursquare specials are not exactly the common thing, you can find them by pressing the foursquare explore button, we decided to show both – the visitors and the businesses – how foursquare could give them an additional value.

A passionate foursquare friend and colleague in Public Relations, Mrs. Ligita Brodina, energized the trade center management, renters and additional partners so we will have a live example of all 16 specials in the range of few hundred meters. During the evening event, my colleague – blogger and IT enthusiast, social media expert Kristaps Skutelis and I will have the privilege to host a show with lots of guests.

As you might have heard, Riga is one of the cities granted the City Badge in the foursquare contest. Together with the Riga city’s tourist bureau Live Riga we will bring it to a new level – a contest of sketches will be announced in order to get best possible symbol representing the city. The mayor will be in the judge, deciding which one is worthy to be presented to foursquare.

We will have a super swarm attempt – for a good cause – if we succeed – there will be donation made to animal shelters. So not only the goodies, contests and just a fun – also a chance to do a good thing with your check-in is about to happen.
And of course – it wont be Riga if some of our secrets won’t be revealed until the sun rises on 16/04.

Guest post by: Mareks