Are you ready to check in anywhere? Everwhere? Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to check in, but just never had the time or money? Or a special badge that you’ve been hounding foursquare for?  Well, you are in luck, because today is your day!

It has become an annual tradition here at Foursquare Day HQ to take one day before the big day to blow of a little steam and let our imaginations run wild. Started on April Fool’s Day in 2010 by @MissDestructo, Fake Foursquare Day, it is simple and fun.

It is really quite simple. There are just three rules:

1)      Make up a shout about checking in, badge or oust. The more ridiculous the better!

2)      Use the #fake4sqday hashtag. A link is optional.

3)      Do NOT really check in on foursquare or make fake venues. (Just more work later to clean it up.)

To get your juices flowing, here are some examples:

Epic: I just ousted Cato as the Mayor of the Arena  on @foursquare! (w/ @Katniss) [pic] #fake4sqday
Political: I just ousted Rick Santorum (@ The Republican Primary w/ @ MittRomney) #fake4sqday
Group: I’m in a hot tub (@ W Hotel)  w/ 712 others) [pic] #fake4sqday
Sad: I just unlocked the “Solo Swarm” badge (yet again) on @foursquare!  #fake4sqday
Oust: I finally ousted @mysister  from the bathroom! #fake4sqday

So go nuts. Today is your day! Run with it! We’ll retweet the best ones!