For our latest installment of City Spotlight, we are looking to Slovenia, where Matija has some neat plans for 4sqDay.

Swam Badge from 4sqDay 2011 Ljubljana

Located in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubjana will have it’s second 4sqDay celebration. Matija and his partner in crime, Hiha, hosted the party last year with 55 foursquare users. However, Matija will be on his own this year organizing the event.

“We will have sponsor this year – Nokia” says Matija in an email. Nokia will be providing free snakes and drinks during the event, which he hopes to have up 70 attendees. When asked why does it host these events, Matija states “I like foursquare and I’m really in the mood to organize those kind of events.”

Matija mentioned a few troubles last year. The biggest issue was that his Swag kit arrived late. On top of that, Customs ask for $100 to have it delivered. This year, I’ve personally been working for months with foursquare to try to solve this problem. Foursquare set a few deadlines to ensure that Swag kits will arrive well before April 16th.

Along with buttons and t-shirts that will be custom made from a local vendor, Matija expects to real Mayor to arrive at the party. “We’re in a good relationship with the mayor so
[getting a proclamation] wont be a problem” Matija adds.

To see where Ljubljana is on the leader board, check them out on Meetup.

Good luck to Ljubljana, and have a great 4sqDay!