We only have two weeks left until #4sqDay 2012. So here at 4sqDay.com, we wanted to show you what cities around the globe are doing to prepare for the day. The first city we’d like to showcase is Minneapolis.

Chad and his team are working very hard to have Minneapolis have it’s largest turnout yet. Repeating from last year, Mayor RT Rybak is yet again proclaiming April 16th as 4sqDay. On the city of Minneapolis website, they provide a handy ‘request a proclamation’ link. With this method, Chad was denied a proclamation, last year. But he really pushed for it, trying to sell the idea of foursquare and 4sqDay and it’s impact on local businesses. He recruited a City Council member to help with the fight. They were both denied, again. Being desperate, Chad made one last plea in an email to the Mayor’s staff:

I appreciate your response back. It is my understanding that the mayors
office typically does not issue proclamations to companies not based in
Minnesota. However, I would like to stress that Foursquare Day is about
the community. Not about any business or promoting any business. It is
being used extensively by local business to revitalize the local
economy. Other cities have seen this and have embraced the idea and are
creating excitement in the local economy by having a proclamation.

Foursquare Day has been proclaimed by New York City, Tampa, Miami,
Cincinnati, Atlanta, Austin, Corpus Christi, Gaithersburg, Indianapolis,
and Manchester, NH to name a few. With Mayor RT Rybak embracing social
media and being one of the first Mayors on Twitter I would see this as
an opportunity to embrace not only social media but the people of

Foursquare Day is none other than a event at The Depot in downtown
Minneapolis with drink and food specials from First Avenue and The
Depot, one of the icons of the local music scene. They have been
offering discounts every week for the last year for those who check in
on foursquare. The turn out is primarily small business owners and those
who use foursquare day to day to find the "specials" being offered.

We are not asking that the Mayor be present to present a proclamation.
We simply think it's something fun that people will get excited about. I
ask that you please review my request and take a look at the other
communities that have honored a proclamation request.

On April 15th, 2011, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak made it official! This just shows that hard work and persistence yields awesome rewards! And Chad is happy to announce that the Mayor’s staff is ‘totally on board this year’.

One exciting method of promoting 4sqDay in Minneapolis that no other city has done, is run radio promotions. Radio station KTWIN 96.3 fm started a social media segment this week and will be mentioning the #4sqDay event!

While Chad and the team haven’t exactly nailed down a venue this year, they know they have to find one soon.

The Minneapolis 4sqDay team are working hard to make this day amazing.  Be sure to follow them at @4sqmsp and check out their website 4sqmsp.com.