#4sqDay is coming! And I’m really anxious about this day (almost since last year lol)!

We’re here setting the last things about the day, and trying to spread this event not only for foursquarers from the city I live in, but also to the cities near here.

Our meetup is growing, we’re 8th in the meetup ranking of cities!


We’re 2 people away from New York city and we’re very proud because of it.  We’re enjoying a lot of this “competition game” between cities – this is making us laugh a lot.

We have a facebook group to discuss foursquare stuffs called “foursquarers” and everybody is invited to join, and welcome to contribute with ideas for 4sqDay! Also, a Twitter account @foursquarer,s and a blog to promote the day and foursquare things!

Here, we are having the party at night, 8 p.m., at Santa Úrsula Shopping Mall. There, we’re gonna teach what foursquare is (for the ones who doesn’t know yet), talk about foursquare news and make a big networking to make new friends!

We’re gonna have a unique Special for this day, but it’s still a secret! And we’re trying to get gifts for all the participants!

How are things at you place? Tell us! We’d like to know!

And join us http://www.meetup.com/foursquare/Ribeirao-Preto-BR/595922/