With foursquare Day rapidly approaching, it is not too late to start planning out an event in your community. Heck, the original 4sqDay (2010) was put together in merely a few weeks, so it is never too late to plan your community’s event.

  1. Connect with other foursquare users: I would recommend that you start talking and brainstorming with your fellow foursquare users. First, talk with those folks in your community who use social media. Second, talk with your other foursquare friends from other communities to see what they are doing to celebrate 4sqDay 2012. Sharing ideas is a great way to get started. As always, I recommend participating in the weekly #4sqCHAT that is held on Twitter each and every Monday evening at 9pm EST (GMT -5:00); as a matter of fact, this week’s topic is all about 4sqDay!
  2. Contact your city’s mayor: One of the coolest things that has happened in many cities is for its mayor to proclaim April 16th as 4sqDay! This is something that is happening more and more and is becoming a big part of foursquare Day celebrations. But, of course, mayors are busy, so now is the time to reach out and connect with them. I’d recommend looking them up on Facebook and Twitter (and even foursquare) and communicate through those channels. You might want to shoot him or her one link or two about foursquare and 4sqDay! You will find that most mayors are happy to share in your enthusiasm! If you get your mayor to make the proclamation, be sure to let us know about all about it!
  3. Claim your event on Meetup.com: Once you begin putting your event together, it is time to promote it. First things first… you should claim your event on MeetUp.com. Why? Well, that is the site that foursquare headquarters uses to track events and count participation. If you claim your event there and send in your information, you can possibly even get some swag sent to you from foursquare to better boost your event!
  4. Connect with local businesses: Now is the time to reach out to local businesses. Spread the word about foursquare and how it can help their business. Remind them that it is free to claim their event. Then, tell them about your super cool party and encourage them to be part of it! Since it is going to be 4sqDay, I would recommend encouraging your local businesses to offer something extra special that day; many in my area have offered unique 4sqDay specials when you check-in to their venues on Foursquare Day!
  5. Promote your event: Now, it is time to promote your event. Let your foursquare (and social media) friends know all about it. Remind the business community. Tell your local papers about your event. Tweet and tweet some more! Also, remember that some people do not use or know about MeetUp.com, so be sure to create event pages where your community engages; some great options to consider would be twtvite and on Facebook (using your events page). Those tools will help you spread the word about your community’s event, and it also helps you keep track of the number of people who are planning to attend your event!

So, there you have it – a quick and easy way to get started as you plan a 4sqDay celebration. Let us know how your planning is doing, and check back for more planning tips along the way!