If you are a business and have already claimed your venue, a new option is now available allowing you to tell your foursquare customers what your business hours are. This can be really helpful for a few reasons:

  1. Your customers now know when you are open for business; hopefully, this will motivate them to come when you are open for business.
  2. If you have a mayor special and are worried that people are merely driving by at midnight and trying to check-in to compete for your venue’s mayorship title, this should help to ensure that only those check-ins within business hours are being captured and counted towards that honor.
  3. More information is always better. As I mentioned above, it is great when your customers know when you are open. As foursquare moves more focus away from the pure check-in and more towards sharing venue information (ie tips, recommendations, contact information, specials, etc.), this provides customers with one more piece of information about your business, so why not tell them, right?

As an avid foursquare user and explorer, I certainly appreciate this added feature within foursquare. I have advised my clients to add their business hours, and I recommend that same to you. There’s nothing worse than upsetting your customers and thereby losing their business. Let them know when you are open. As I have mentioned before, give them all of your information (hours, phone number, address, website address, Twitter link, description of your business, business category, and specials).

Lastly, I must mention that adding your business hours is quite easy to do. First, click “edit venue” on your venue page. Then, scroll down just below your venue map until you see the “add hours” button. Lastly, click that button and look for the box that pops up (it will look like the image below); now, simply add your specified hours! Save those hours, and you are all set!

foursquare's venue business hours screen