For the second year in a row, foursquare is sending out swag packs for qualifying meetups for 4sqDay 2012. Encourage your friends and community to RSVP for your 4sqDay event on Meetup this week! foursquare will be sending swag packs to as many meetups as possible, with priority given to larger meetups. Expect to see things like pins, stickers, name tags, and maybe a fun surprise! Here’s how:

Follow this link and sign up your city through foursquare. Be honest about the number of people you think might be attending. We understand this number can fluctuate, but your best guess is appreciated.

To get going on planning your Foursquare Day using meetup simply go to the foursquare meetup site, find and click on your community in the list or use the search box to see if you need to create a new community listing. Then simply click RSVP next to the Foursquare Day 2012 Worldwide Meetup Day listing on your community’s page.

Are you unfamiliar on how to celebrate 4sqDay? It’s quite easy and fun; check out a post from the past on tips to making a good 4sqDay.

In addition to hosting and attending a meetup, here are some other great ways to celebrate Foursquare Day:

– Get local businesses involved by encouraging them to offer a foursquare special or deal on 4/16. Get started here.

– Get your town’s mayor to declare 4/16 as the official Foursquare Day – it’s actually easier than it sounds! Learn how others did it here.

– Play the actual game of foursquare on 4/16 (yes, the one with the ball)! It’s simple, here’s how.

– Tweet us @4sqDay. We want to know who is hosting a party!