Everyone who has been to the Foursquare site saw the new map used to show venues.

And most people hated it! Even more Brazilian users because the maps are similar to Silent Hill! There is nothing on most of our cities! Just the name of the city and nothing more!

Only few capitals have maps with streets and avenues!  I really prefer Google maps as Foursquare’s map based system.

Campo Grande

Campo Grande City Map by http://www.facebook.com/mrl.delmondes


The question is: why? Why did they change?

I don’t know the answer but I know something – Google is trying to make a copy of Foursquare! And this could be a reason for this. They can pressuring and elevating prices for Google Maps’ use.

Last week Google launched Leaderboard. It came with an Android actualization for Google maps and it is released when you make check-in with Latitude.

You win points with the check-in and there is a ranking of your friends. Ah, there is more: the person with the highest point total wins a crown! Google is trying to make a fake Foursquare! Awful!

Look at this print screen to see it with your own eyes!