Foursquare is a game in real life in which you can make new friends and find old ones, save some money/ time and discover different places you never imagined and it exists in your city! This can be great even if you live in a medium or a small city.

But, as any video-game, there are always some “funny guys”  – people who want to win badges no matter what.

And my question about it is WHY? Why do people prefer to play this way? I don’t know you, but I prefer to have forty REAL badges and to compete with my friends on a fair-play.

Numbers, numbers and stats. People like it. It can be amazing have three hundred badges! But they have to be for real. Nothing is better than try to get a badge with friends.

Two weeks ago, I was in São Paulo, and it was a good chance to win the Sampa Badge! But I wasn’t alone! My friends and I, together, made a city-tour just to get this badge. It was amazing, (it was raining,) but a lot of fun with nice people at some of the nicest places in the city!

Even the badge commemorates with its arms open!

It’s nice to have badges, it’s because after all, we are playing the game, but is it nice to do it just to make worth the effort of all them and to be recognized for that?

I just want you to think about it, not only in Foursquare, but in life too, why not? Is really nice to “jump” (to cheat)? I prefer to jump on a jumper machine!

[/via Victor]