Hi folks! It’s Carnaval (“Carnival”) here!

The biggest festival of Brazil and maybe the biggest one of the world is happening now and, of course, foursquare wouldn’t forget this!

We got everyday 3 extra points on check-ins (anywhere!) because of the date. It’s really nice to earn extra points in traditional festivities what means foursquare valorize and care about our traditions! No other social network worries about it! Points for 4sq!

But I have to complain! There isn’t a badge for Brazilian Carnival and there is one for Mardi Gras! Ok, it’s a nice party, but there are people never listened about it and Carnival is one of the most known festivals around the world! We deserve a badge! 4sq guys, remember us next year, ok? 😉

And now, let’s party! Good points for you!

PS: Here is a nice list to follow “Carnaval” in Brazil https://pt.foursquare.com/penocarnaval