Some weeks back I noticed a tweet from a foursquare user (@zaellen) saying she just got a card from her Chiropractor for being a mayor.

Below are a few questions I asked her via email and her response:

How long have you been the mayor? Were you battling it out with someone, or have you maintained it for a while.
I’ve been the mayor for about 6 months and there was no battling. I was the first mayor.
What is the venue link to the venue?
Do they have any specials?
I’ve just proposed that I help them with social media so I will be helping him set up some specials but they have none yet.
Have you heard of any other companies sending out physical ‘thank yous’ before?
This is the first company I’ve heard of who sent a thank you note for mayorship. I definitely will be recommending that all local retailers I know pay attention to this and send thank yous.
Of the of mayorships you hold (how many?), do you think any of venues would do something like this as well?
I have 9 mayorships right now…I usually have between 9-15. I think this is an excellent idea and I’m sure others will do something like this depending on the size of their business and how many people actually check in the venue.

(flickr by dpstyles)

What other interesting ways has businesses promoted the mayor for their venue?