As you’ve likely heard by now, foursquare is teaming up with the White House’s tourism initiative and awarding THREE cities in the United States with a foursquare badge. It’s a great cross-promotion with foursquare’s list feature – we now have a burst of crowd-sourced lists from sea to shining sea! This contest is a smart way for foursquare to encourage list-making (and following) behavior as well as a reminder that foursquare is an extremely useful tourism tool. Quite the methodical list maker myself, I jumped at the chance to make lists for cities I love. As a former city brand marketer, it warms my heart to see official tourism bureaus promote their #visitUS lists too! Kudos!  And if you’re outside the USA, don’t be jealous, your contest is coming. Some unapologetic self-pimpage:

Houston foursquare list

There is still time to make a foursquare list! If you haven’t made a list, at the very least support cities large and small that you’d like to see win a badge by following and sharing a list. Here’s an incomplete list of cities I’ve found. UPDATE: AboutFoursquare has quite a complete list now.  Feel free to comment with your link and I’ll add the city to the list:

Muscle Shoals, AL

Phoenix, AZ

Stamford, CT

St Augustine, FL

Tampa, FL

Roswell, GA

Savannah, GA

Des Moines, IA

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Boston, MA

Baltimore, MD

Detroit, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

Minneapolis, MN

Rochester, MN

Las Vegas, NV

Buffalo, NY

Syracuse, NY

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

Lake County, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Portland, OR

Bucks County, PA

Hershey Harrisburg, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Columbia, SC

Nashville, TN

Austin, TX

Corpus Christi, TX 

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

San Antonio, TX

Sugar Land, TX

Manassas, VA

Richmond, VA

You have until tomorrow to throw your support behind one or more of these. Get on it!