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Foursquare is a game in real life in which you can make new friends and find old ones, save some money/ time and discover different places you never imagined and it exists in your city! This can be great even if you live in a medium or a small city.

But, as any video-game, there are always some “funny guys”  – people who want to win badges no matter what.

And my question about it is WHY? Why do people prefer to play this way? I don’t know you, but I prefer to have forty REAL badges and to compete with my friends on a fair-play.

Numbers, numbers and stats. People like it. It can be amazing have three hundred badges! But they have to be for real. Nothing is better than try to get a badge with friends.

Two weeks ago, I was in São Paulo, and it was a good chance to win the Sampa Badge! But I wasn’t alone! My friends and I, together, made a city-tour just to get this badge. It was amazing, (it was raining,) but a lot of fun with nice people at some of the nicest places in the city!

Even the badge commemorates with its arms open!

It’s nice to have badges, it’s because after all, we are playing the game, but is it nice to do it just to make worth the effort of all them and to be recognized for that?

I just want you to think about it, not only in Foursquare, but in life too, why not? Is really nice to “jump” (to cheat)? I prefer to jump on a jumper machine!

[/via Victor]

4SqCHAT logo

With the growing popularity of foursquare and its enthusiastic user base, it is only appropriate to gather and chat about the latest news that is happening in the world of foursquare and location-based services (in general). Normally, these Tweetchat conversations last about one hour and cover a topic or two that is new in the world of foursquare. Topics have ranged from how businesses can best implement foursquare into their marketing to super user feature updates. No matter if you are a foursquare guru or foursquare’s newest user, #4sqCHAT is definitely a great conversation that I highly recommend. If you would like to participate in this conversation, we’d love to have you. Come join us each and every Monday evening at 9pm EST to talk about everything foursquare! Also, if you have a specific topic or two that you would like to chat about, we are always taking requests and recommendations. It is probably best to mention those on the 4sqCHAT Facebook Page wall and/or tweet them using the #4sqCHAT hashtag! Well, I hope to chat with you about the great world of foursquare! Until next time!

Las Vegas has rung in the 2012 4sqDay season with our first city proclamation!

Las Vegas Proclamation


If you’re throwing a 4sqDay party, making it “official” is a fun way to help promote it locally. Having been through the process, it’s not as daunting as it sounds – jump through a few administrative hoops, get cooperation from your city, and you’re golden. In 2011, Rachel from 4sqCincy wrote an extremely helpful proclamation guide for this site. Because of the nature of the bureaucratic process, this is something you’ll want to start NOW. It will differ from city to city, but here are some basic steps:

1. Go to your city goverment’s website, city council website, or mayor’s official website. They may have instructions about how to request a proclamation. If not, they’ll likely have email addresses. If the mayor’s administrative assistant’s email address is listed, that’s a good way to start. If you’re not having any luck, try googling “[your city] proclamation.” Or you could (gasp!) pick up the phone and contact your city or town hall. Many cities have requirements listed or clear instructions because people contact them for proclamations fairly often.

2. Write a letter, explaining who you are, what you’re requesting and why. Rachel used Chris BanksLetter to the Mayor, but made it her own (as did many other organizers did last year, including myself).  Since last time we’ve written, 4sqDay has gotten a ton of publicity which you can leverage. Check out our list of present and past proclamations. The high profile coverage that NYC Mayor Bloomberg received should give you credibility.  Reference the 4sqDay meetup page for all the cities participating. If your city isn’t listed, create it.

3. Sometimes the city council asks you to provide proclamation language upfront. This is the trickiest part –  Where As, proclamation language can be awkward. Sometimes, like in Cincinnati’s case, they offer a sample to work from. Rachel provided what she used. My city asked for 3 short proclamation paragraphs. Here‘s what I used.  This might also be the point where you can request the mayor’s presence at your event.

4. You wait for a response. Depending on your city, this can be within the same day or take weeks. If there is a significant wait, I would recommend contacting the mayor’s office directly to explain what you’re doing, without being pushy. This would is also a good opportunity to invite the mayor to your party! Write a blog post.  Emphasis your focus on local commerce/tourism and if your party has a charity element, mention that as well.  If your mayor’s office is active on twitter, mention them in a tweet and have others do the same. You can get your local tourism board and chamber of commerce involved to help, but remember there’s a thin line between passionate and annoying.

5. They say yes! Some cities (like Las Vegas) will honor you immediately with the proclamation. Others invite you to accept the proclamation at a city council meeting and ask you to talk about it. Other mayors present it at the 4sqDay party.

6. You can then use this proclamation to garner more publicity for your event – get more businesses on board with specials and sponsorships, all in the spirit of 4sqDay. When you get your proclamation, LET US KNOW! Contact us on twitter or facebook. We’ll add you to our proclamation list and spread the good news!

Good luck. Let’s get started! If you are having trouble with any of these steps, let us know. If you aren’t hosting a party, but want to help out the organizer with this task, contact them. They’d love the help.  Do you have any other tips to get a 4sqDay proclamation?

image credit: Finesse

Hi folks! It’s Carnaval (“Carnival”) here!

The biggest festival of Brazil and maybe the biggest one of the world is happening now and, of course, foursquare wouldn’t forget this!

We got everyday 3 extra points on check-ins (anywhere!) because of the date. It’s really nice to earn extra points in traditional festivities what means foursquare valorize and care about our traditions! No other social network worries about it! Points for 4sq!

But I have to complain! There isn’t a badge for Brazilian Carnival and there is one for Mardi Gras! Ok, it’s a nice party, but there are people never listened about it and Carnival is one of the most known festivals around the world! We deserve a badge! 4sq guys, remember us next year, ok? 😉

And now, let’s party! Good points for you!

PS: Here is a nice list to follow “Carnaval” in Brazil

So, today is Presidents Day here in the United States, so it is only right that we take a minute and chat about how politicians from all levels of government should be embracing foursquare. Overall, foursquare is growing at an alarming rate, and politicians need to take notice of this social media channel as they seek election or reelection.  When politicians are out on the campaign trail, they have a great opportunity to share their location and the experiences surrounding the venues they are spending time at. Unfortunately, many politicians and their staff members are not taking the extra time to fully enhance their reach via foursquare, and shame on them for that. I am not sure if it is merely a matter of not knowing or simple laziness, but politicians need to jump aboard. Here are five quick and easy ways to use foursquare on the campaign trail (and between elections).

  1. Build Lists for the various legs of the campaign trail – this can be done before, during, or after a specific leg of the trail occurs. If it happens before, you could add a tip to indicate the event date; if you build the list after, be sure to include both a tip and a photo.
  2. Leave Personal Tips – candidates need to be personable; they need their constituents to know that they are human just like them. So, this is a great opportunity to add a personal touch. I would have the candidate pick out a few of his or her own favorite venues within his home area and tell his constituents what he likes best about those venues. In fact, this is an opportunity to leave a tip at a few locations and build another list out of it.
  3. Shout Reminders – politicians can use foursquare to shout out timely reminders to their foursquare friends and followers. Of course, this needs to be used appropriately and not abused. There is a fine line between timely messages and spam, so tread carefully, but this is still an effective option. Note that this feature is not native within the foursquare application anymore, so you will need to connect your foursquare to a third-party app like HootSuite to do so.
  4. Check-in! Sure, you can have a brand page and all, but it is important to check-in. How cool would it be for constituents to be checked into the same campaign trail venue with the candidate? For many, it would be extra cool. It is great to leave a little shout and/or photo along with each check-in. If the candidate is up on a stage, he or she could check-in with the crowd and snap a picture of the vast audience for added buzz.
  5. Engage Using Comments & Dones! Foursquare allows people to comment on others check-ins and also indicate when you have done a tip that they have left. In addition, if there is a tip at a venue that sounds great but isn’t something that the candidate has done (yet), he or she could add it to his or her to-do list! When you do any of these things, that person will get a notification! In the case of an appropriate and timely comment, your friend or follower will get the chance to reply with a comment, and a conversation can ensue!


Foursquare provides a variety of low-cost, creative options for politicians to engage their audience, yet (unfortunately) many politicians drop the ball and don’t fully utilize this great social media tool. So, on this Presidents Day, let’s remind our politicians to engage us on location as well as through Facebook and Twitter!

Despite of the recent bad news about the man suffering a heart attack while eating the “Triple Bypass Burger” at the Heart Attack Grill, I must write about The Flame Broiled badge from foursquare. Released mid-January 2012, it is a new expertise badge for checking into burger joints. I had been awaiting the arrival of a burger badge forever and was over the moon when it finally arrived. I just happen to live in the city Travel + Leisure named number 1 on their list of America’s Best Burger Cities. I’d like to introduce you to my very own burger, The Queso Queen, which won a create-your-own-burger contest last year.

Some very good foursquare burger lists for you to follow:

Do we have any level 10 Flame Broiled badge owners in the house? If you have a burger list to add, let me know!

Some weeks back I noticed a tweet from a foursquare user (@zaellen) saying she just got a card from her Chiropractor for being a mayor.

Below are a few questions I asked her via email and her response:

How long have you been the mayor? Were you battling it out with someone, or have you maintained it for a while.
I’ve been the mayor for about 6 months and there was no battling. I was the first mayor.
What is the venue link to the venue?
Do they have any specials?
I’ve just proposed that I help them with social media so I will be helping him set up some specials but they have none yet.
Have you heard of any other companies sending out physical ‘thank yous’ before?
This is the first company I’ve heard of who sent a thank you note for mayorship. I definitely will be recommending that all local retailers I know pay attention to this and send thank yous.
Of the of mayorships you hold (how many?), do you think any of venues would do something like this as well?
I have 9 mayorships right now…I usually have between 9-15. I think this is an excellent idea and I’m sure others will do something like this depending on the size of their business and how many people actually check in the venue.

(flickr by dpstyles)

What other interesting ways has businesses promoted the mayor for their venue?

#4sqday is sneaking up on us! What do YOU want to see happen at your local Foursquare Day meetup?

Here’s one little person who seems to be most excited for the swag!

Mike likes to meet new people at Foursquare Day.

For Dale, it’s all about the pie (and the Super Swarm badge)!

As you’ve likely heard by now, foursquare is teaming up with the White House’s tourism initiative and awarding THREE cities in the United States with a foursquare badge. It’s a great cross-promotion with foursquare’s list feature – we now have a burst of crowd-sourced lists from sea to shining sea! This contest is a smart way for foursquare to encourage list-making (and following) behavior as well as a reminder that foursquare is an extremely useful tourism tool. Quite the methodical list maker myself, I jumped at the chance to make lists for cities I love. As a former city brand marketer, it warms my heart to see official tourism bureaus promote their #visitUS lists too! Kudos!  And if you’re outside the USA, don’t be jealous, your contest is coming. Some unapologetic self-pimpage:

Houston foursquare list

There is still time to make a foursquare list! If you haven’t made a list, at the very least support cities large and small that you’d like to see win a badge by following and sharing a list. Here’s an incomplete list of cities I’ve found. UPDATE: AboutFoursquare has quite a complete list now.  Feel free to comment with your link and I’ll add the city to the list:

Muscle Shoals, AL

Phoenix, AZ

Stamford, CT

St Augustine, FL

Tampa, FL

Roswell, GA

Savannah, GA

Des Moines, IA

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Boston, MA

Baltimore, MD

Detroit, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

Minneapolis, MN

Rochester, MN

Las Vegas, NV

Buffalo, NY

Syracuse, NY

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

Lake County, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Portland, OR

Bucks County, PA

Hershey Harrisburg, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Columbia, SC

Nashville, TN

Austin, TX

Corpus Christi, TX 

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

San Antonio, TX

Sugar Land, TX

Manassas, VA

Richmond, VA

You have until tomorrow to throw your support behind one or more of these. Get on it!