Hi guys!

Foursquare has been the topic of many online conversations. Now we have memes foursquare-based and blogs talking about news, apps, how people are using it along with how to to make Specials. But now we have some news here from Brazil – blogs making fun with 4sq!

The first one is “Porra Foursquare“. It is about the “creative” names people give to venues. There are many special names you can see there and laugh about.

Places like “Isengard“, “La vie en rose“, “Dwarf ‘s burial” and “Facebook” are just the beggining of what they are doing! It’s really funny see the crazy venues!

Look this example!

Would you check-in in this venue? >.<

crazy venue foursquare

Oh god!

The other blog is a Tumblr about the app and the messages it sends to us. Funsquare shows funny messages foursquare could sent if they have a troll spirit to mock the users.


It's your fifth time in this Motel. Do your wife know about this shit? She only check in bakeries, stop doing it!

Do you know other funny blogs about foursquare?

Share with us! We love this kind of things!

by: @nanndasilvestre via Brazil