A long while ago, many people were wondering how a business without a physical (venue) presence could connect with its target market. A short while later, foursquare created the brand page. In its latest iteration, foursquare allows brands to check-in and broadcast that onto their Facebook Page and Twitter profile; however, brand pages are not allowed to gain mayorships or badges. Along the way, big brands with physical presences also created brand pages in order to connect with their customers. Up until just recently, however, there was a gap in the experience between the claimed business venue on foursquare and its potential related brand page. However, now that has all changed, and this is for the better. So, physical brands on foursquare can connect their foursquare brand pages to each of their claimed venues, allowing more streamlined interaction with customers. No longer do brands have to resort to leaving tips on their claimed venue pages to inform customers about their brand page presence.  No longer do they have to create two channels of communication or give out two different links within two different messages. As of the end of last week, brands can now connect the two, providing their foursquare customer with the additional link to their foursquare brand page.


So, if you have a foursquare brand page and a claimed venue like one of my clients, Max Muscle of Cobb (for example), does, it would be extremely advantageous to connect them! Here are a few quick reasons why:

  1. Less Headache – Communicating and engaging becomes more streamlined!
  2. More Efficient – relaying one, unified message can make all the difference in the world, and it saves lots of time.
  3. Visual Enhancement – if you connect the two, your venue locations will be plotted on the (nearby) map on the brand page. This will make it easier for customers to find the location that is nearest to them! This is especially helpful if you have more than one location!

So, be sure to connect your business today!