Foursquare is a data mining machine. They’ve always been great at keeping good, clean statistics about venues and check-ins. And this year is no different. This graph is from 2010’s holiday travel season. They haven’t released this years stats yet (probably want to make it pretty/readable).

It appears that Train travel is popular in the New England states and all the way down to North Carolina. Chicago, LA and San Francisco are also represented well in train travel. That vertical line in the top left corner of the map is actually the train track from Eugene, Oregon all the way to Vancouver, BC. As one user pointed out:

Just shows how far the US has to go in terms of train travel. Both the French TGV network and the current Chinese high-speed system put the nation that brought us the ‘Iron Horse’ to shame!
It is interesting to see that at 4 different instances/days, Train travel had more check-ins than Airplane. It appears that there are 8 occurrences where Train and Airplane check-ins were equal.
It is also interesting to note the wavy the plane travel is. I’m curious to know exactly what days are the highs and lows. Are Tuesday travel days low and Friday high?
Even though foursquare is dominate in the US, I’d also like to see a world map of the check-ins.
I think we’re all looking forward to more info-graphs and data for the upcoming 2012 year.