April 16th is coming and the preparation for the biggest day of the year is starting. Yahoooo!!!

But what can we do to organize an unforgettable day? This is a problem for everyone who try to manage a big or even a small event.

Some ideas to celebrate the date: go to a restaurant or a place that can host some people, for example, a place with a Special! You can talk to the owner of the venue to exchange ideas about 4sqday in order to get a win-win celebration: customers could have some discount (a nice Special) and the owner can promote his/her venue with this social media marketing event.

Another tip that can help everyone involves the venues culture.  Maybe some people would like to eat a traditional food, but it’s necessary to have some options.  It’s also important to choose a place with good beverage. People tend to chat too much in these occasions, so they’ll need it to wet their whistle.

To pick a place with lots of check-ins is another idea that can make a better day. Someone that doesn’t know Foursquare can be curious and we can make a new foursquare friend!

Lastly, think about gifts! Who doesn’t like to win some stuff? And if it’s Foursquare’s free stuff,  its much better. Last year many communities gave out raffle tickets for prizes sponsored by surrounding businesses.

No matter how big it can be, or where in the world you are, every 4sqday needs to be like the reason why Foursquare exists – a day to meet old friends (or make new ones) and to discover places and explore your city!
So it’s a good start!

Do you any good idea for 4sqDay? Share with us! 😉

/posted from Brazil