As a part of 4sqday 2.0’s theme of ‘make every day a great foursquare day’, I decided to show how foursquare helped me track my trip.

At the end of July, my partner and I moved from Seattle, Washington, to Baltimore, Maryland. We hitched up our Honda, packed the U-Haul, and kenneled our Pug.

Here are some notable stops:

2. Zip’s Drive-in Ritzville, WA On our first day across the state of Washington, we stopped out our favorite greasy spoon. It may not be cheap, but definitely worth the price and stop.

4. Taco Time Missoula, MT For anyone in the Pacific NorthWest, you’ve heard of Taco Time. Crisp bean burrito and mexi-tots for me, please! (This stop on our trip was mainly to say goodbye to Taco Time. They don’t have these in the East.)

8. Walmart Superstore Bozeman, MT My partner was fascinated. For the next 200 miles she talked about how crazy it was they sold guns.

12. Mount Rushmore National Monument Keystone, SD This was a neat stop we had to do. I’m not a fan of touristy-stuff, but this was quite awesome.

13. Crazy Horse Memorial Custer, SD To get through the Mid-West, we had to stop at Crazy Horse. Construction started in 1948, and there is no clear completion date.

16. Wall Drug Wall, SD The most famous Drug Store. They have advertisements on the side of the road 250 miles away.

18. The Corn Palace Mitchell, SD We saw signs for this place on the way, and a place made of of corn caught our attention.

20. Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth, MN Definitely worth the stop. This Jolly Green Giant has nothing to do with the company. They didn’t want to fork the cash for this statue, so the citizens did.

Foursquare made it possible to track our trip while earning points and gaining knowledge of our surroundings. Have you ever traveled somewhere and used foursquare as a trip-tracker?