my first check-in of 2012

Oh foursquare, in 2011 you were so good to us; you gave us explore, lists, a whole new website, and much more! Perhaps as we make resolutions to get fit, eat well, and travel, we should also make foursquare resolutions. What’s a foursquare resolution? Just a commitment to give back to or enhance the foursquare experience. Some ideas:

My resolution:
In a my role as community manager of Foursquare Houston, I’m going to attempt to conquer one of our foursquare community’s greatest weaknesses: a lack of local business specials. I want to sign up a business for a special every week. My hope is that 52 local foursquare specials will beget more specials.  It may seem a bit lofty, but I’m going to give it a shot.  If you share this problem, I would encourage you to try this too.

Are you going to make a foursquare resolution for 2012? Do you have more suggestions?