As many of you might have seen, foursquare is starting to gradually reconnect you with your nearest major city by unleashing a special badge as you unlock that city. Here in Atlanta, we finally have a cool badge to take pride in. All we had to do was follow the Atlanta list over on the 4sqCities foursquare profile and check into 5 of the venues on the list! The great news is that foursquare is continuing to add more and more cities to the mix; so far, they have been looking to add two new city badges each week, so, if your city lacks its own badge, it should be coming soon!

Atlanta's foursquare badge

I was so happy to unlock the peach-themed badge over the weekend as Elaine and I (aka 4sqLoveStory) took in our first Hawks game together down at the Philips Arena! For us, it was icing on the cake! Since we did not have a New Year’s Eve badge for 2012, we were glad to at least have this super cool Atlanta badge to enjoy. So, we have these new badges, and it is extra exciting, especially for those cities that haven’t had a badge specific to their area. So, have you unlocked your city’s badge? Or are you still anxiously awaiting a badge specific to your city? Either way, keep conquering your nearby cities one check-in at a time!