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Hi guys!

Foursquare has been the topic of many online conversations. Now we have memes foursquare-based and blogs talking about news, apps, how people are using it along with how to to make Specials. But now we have some news here from Brazil – blogs making fun with 4sq!

The first one is “Porra Foursquare“. It is about the “creative” names people give to venues. There are many special names you can see there and laugh about.

Places like “Isengard“, “La vie en rose“, “Dwarf ‘s burial” and “Facebook” are just the beggining of what they are doing! It’s really funny see the crazy venues!

Look this example!

Would you check-in in this venue? >.<

crazy venue foursquare

Oh god!

The other blog is a Tumblr about the app and the messages it sends to us. Funsquare shows funny messages foursquare could sent if they have a troll spirit to mock the users.


It's your fifth time in this Motel. Do your wife know about this shit? She only check in bakeries, stop doing it!

Do you know other funny blogs about foursquare?

Share with us! We love this kind of things!

by: @nanndasilvestre via Brazil


A long while ago, many people were wondering how a business without a physical (venue) presence could connect with its target market. A short while later, foursquare created the brand page. In its latest iteration, foursquare allows brands to check-in and broadcast that onto their Facebook Page and Twitter profile; however, brand pages are not allowed to gain mayorships or badges. Along the way, big brands with physical presences also created brand pages in order to connect with their customers. Up until just recently, however, there was a gap in the experience between the claimed business venue on foursquare and its potential related brand page. However, now that has all changed, and this is for the better. So, physical brands on foursquare can connect their foursquare brand pages to each of their claimed venues, allowing more streamlined interaction with customers. No longer do brands have to resort to leaving tips on their claimed venue pages to inform customers about their brand page presence.  No longer do they have to create two channels of communication or give out two different links within two different messages. As of the end of last week, brands can now connect the two, providing their foursquare customer with the additional link to their foursquare brand page.


So, if you have a foursquare brand page and a claimed venue like one of my clients, Max Muscle of Cobb (for example), does, it would be extremely advantageous to connect them! Here are a few quick reasons why:

  1. Less Headache – Communicating and engaging becomes more streamlined!
  2. More Efficient – relaying one, unified message can make all the difference in the world, and it saves lots of time.
  3. Visual Enhancement – if you connect the two, your venue locations will be plotted on the (nearby) map on the brand page. This will make it easier for customers to find the location that is nearest to them! This is especially helpful if you have more than one location!

So, be sure to connect your business today!

This upcoming Foursquare Day meetup in Kalamazoo is going to be bigger and better than last year, especially with the growing number of businesses that have grown their participation with Foursquare and the growing number of users locally. Last year we went to several businesses to campaign to business owners that they should participate in Foursquare and why it is a benefit to their overall business. We ended up encouraging 25 businesses to sign up for Foursquare and 14 of those offered specials on Foursquare Day itself (check out our recap here).

If you are in a city where not many businesses are participating, consider signing up to be a Foursquare Ambassador and once approved they will send you these gorgeous stack of ambassador cards (pictured on right) with instructions on how to claim your business on Foursquare that you can give out to businesses. These cards were cool to hand out to businesses however it was truly taking the time to sit down with the business owner to show them on my laptop and smartphone what exactly it is to truly show what impact it could do. If you are impatient waiting to get approval or to get the cards, make your own. I ran out of these cards and started making it similar to the original using the same custom URL ( but tweaking it so that business owners would be able to contact me in the future but also add the caveat that I don’t have any monetary interest with Foursquare or a representative of Foursquare and that I am just a volunteer sharing the awesomeness of Foursquare with the business itself.

Prior to embarking on such a campaign here are a key few things you should do first:

  1. Get a couple of people to join you on this campaign so that you can cover more businesses
  2. Understand the process of how to claim a business on Foursquare so that you can explain it to the business owner
  3. Think about some key points of why Foursquare is great from a user’s perspective and also from a business perspective (Check out for some handy articles to aid in your key points development)
  4. Research the number of check-ins of the business you’re going to talk to on Foursquare so that you can tell the business owner the traffic in their store from Foursquare users (If it’s a dud or very low check-ins, there’s a reason why and maybe the business might not be a good match or there isn’t a lot of users in your area – but that’s a different campaign)
  5. Have a good 20 second elevator pitch why this is important to you and why it should be important to the business
  6. Call ahead to talk to the business owner to set up a time to meet or stop by the business to find out who the owner is and get their contact info
  7. Make sure you bookmark the pages you want to navigate to on your smartphone or laptop when you do your “show and tell” piece for the business owner and make sure you have good WiFi access when you meet the business owner (having technology go down when you’re trying to persuade someone to use technology is just the worst thing ever – so be prepared!)
  8. Extra mile prep: Do a PowerPoint presentation with screen shots – this can be helpful when you might not  have WiFi access during the meeting

If you did all seven, then you are all set for your first meeting with a business owner to talk about Foursquare. If you did all eight, well… great job! Most importantly, let your enthusiasm and passion for Foursquare pour out of you as you talk to the business owner. Passion truly steals the show every time and a great way to win the attention of the business owner. After all, why wouldn’t you be passionate about it if you got this far in preparing yourself with all this Foursquare knowledge? You are not getting paid to do this for Foursquare, you are doing it because Foursquare is a great mobile app that helped you explore your community and bridge friendships. Getting a business on  Foursquare just further enhances your experience as a user as well as other fans of Foursquare, more specifically when they offer loyalty benefits or check-in specials. The business owner benefits from customer loyalty and repeat business, you benefit as a consumer of getting great rewards and deals.

Overall, don’t sweat it. You don’t need to start a business to do this full time. You just need passion, enthusiasm and a little prep time to spread the word on Foursquare and what better time than now before Foursquare Day. It’s a great way to gear up for it and get the business community involved in the celebration. If you ever need to bounce ideas or just want to explore how to do this, tweet me at @sarahlwlee and I would be more than happy to talk to you about my experiences working with businesses on Foursquare. Good luck and leave a comment below if you decided to give this a go, I would love to hear how your experiences went.


Foursquare is a data mining machine. They’ve always been great at keeping good, clean statistics about venues and check-ins. And this year is no different. This graph is from 2010’s holiday travel season. They haven’t released this years stats yet (probably want to make it pretty/readable).

It appears that Train travel is popular in the New England states and all the way down to North Carolina. Chicago, LA and San Francisco are also represented well in train travel. That vertical line in the top left corner of the map is actually the train track from Eugene, Oregon all the way to Vancouver, BC. As one user pointed out:

Just shows how far the US has to go in terms of train travel. Both the French TGV network and the current Chinese high-speed system put the nation that brought us the ‘Iron Horse’ to shame!
It is interesting to see that at 4 different instances/days, Train travel had more check-ins than Airplane. It appears that there are 8 occurrences where Train and Airplane check-ins were equal.
It is also interesting to note the wavy the plane travel is. I’m curious to know exactly what days are the highs and lows. Are Tuesday travel days low and Friday high?
Even though foursquare is dominate in the US, I’d also like to see a world map of the check-ins.
I think we’re all looking forward to more info-graphs and data for the upcoming 2012 year.

I’ve resisted long enough. It had to be done. Google+’s new meme generator made it way too easy for me.



I could do this all day. What’s your best foursquare Ryan Gosling?

We know what the nay-sayers have to say about foursquare: “you’re letting everyone know you’re out of your house, and you’re going to be robbed,” “why would anyone care that you’ve gone grocery shopping,” and “I just don’t get it.”

That’s always what I heard when foursquare was just starting. The best part, though, is this perception has changed a lot, thanks to 2011.

15 million users as of this past december, the last 5 million of which, came in the 2nd half of the year proves not only are more people using smartphones, but that they’re also seeing the value from social media as a whole, and especially foursquare, a social media of its own kind.

Maybe it’s reflective that people in this decade want more than Facebook, and are now drawn to different platforms. Maybe it’s similar to how Facebook and Twitter users want to highlight everything about themselves, and foursquare allows them to do this in a unique and exciting way. Or maybe it’s just another way for us, as business people, or fans of brands, to promote what we love (or are paid to love).

No matter what it really is, however, it’s up to us, the pros of foursquare, to use it smart and to show the newbies the way too. foursquare is a tool that lets the places in our backyards become an open community, so as the user base will continue to grow in the coming months, we need to remember this. Just like we need to use foursquare more than ever now because as the tide has clearly changed on how the world sees foursquare, we need to convince our newly joined friends that it’s worth sticking around on too.

April 16th is coming and the preparation for the biggest day of the year is starting. Yahoooo!!!

But what can we do to organize an unforgettable day? This is a problem for everyone who try to manage a big or even a small event.

This past Sunday, my Baltimore Ravens took on the Houston Texans in the AFC Divisional round in the National Football League. I was quickly reminded by fellow writer Nicole (@googleismybf), that she the Community Manager of @foursquareHOU. With a little smack talk during the week I decided to step it up and incorperate foursquare into a bet.

I asked Nicole to put a mayorship on the line. If you lose, you have to let someone else take over the venue as mayor. But that wasn’t the end of it. You had to wait 3 days before checking back in to try to regain the mayorship. That means this person now has 4 days over the previous mayor. Personally, I think that is quite a hill to climb back up.

In a hard fought battle, the Ravens won.

Nicole ended up conceding her work mayorship. I’d say that was a smart call on her end. She probably can earn back her mayor position before the end of the month. TopSpot Internet Marketing is now ruled by John V [at the time of this writing].

Thanks for the bet, Nicole. It was exciting to put something on the line and have the potential to lose it, and eventually earn it back.

Have you ever bet anything on foursquare? “I bet I can get 5 people to do my tip before they do your tip” What are other creative bets the can be used in foursquare?

With foursquare reaching double digits on City badges, we decided to list them out for easy reading. Don’t forget you can submit a request to get your city a badge too! Simply fill out this form and … wait.

Be sure to follow 4sqcities on foursquare.

[table id=1 /]


A great way to encourage foursquare use in your community and meet other foursquare enthusiasts is to host a meet-up. At Foursquare Houston, we host them on the 16th of every month, in honor of 4sqDay.

Some foursquare meet-up tips:

  1. Ask venues who are already engaged in social media. We often try a venue that does not have a foursquare special in order to educate them, but it helps if they are aware of foursquare to begin with.  This often isn’t easy. Small business owners are busy people and they often don’t have time to email/meet with you. If all else fails, go with a business you know or that already has a special.
  2. Plan early. Sometimes tip #1 takes forever. It’s best to start a few weeks in advance. That will give you and the venue more promotional time as well.
  3. Have ideas for specials. In my experience, many venue owners and managers aren’t sure about what they want to offer. Give them a few examples, using different items and different types of specials. It’s great if you have something extra-special for your meet-up, but you don’t want to push too hard. You’ll want this to be enjoyable for both you and the venue owner.
  4. Find interest locally. Whether it’s through a foursquare community, campus ambassadors, Super Users or a twitter list of local foursquare users – know your audience. Anyone will be invited, but it’s good to have some influencers coming. Invite them directly.
  5. Have a meet-up around a badge. Foursquare Houston has done meet-ups for the Wino and the 7-10 Split badge in the past. Next month, we’re thinking Don’t Stop Believin’. Don’t fret, I’ll take video.
  6. Be Giving. Have the check-ins for your meet-up contribute to a local charity. Snoball is a great tool for this.
  7. Make it Fun. Do you have something fun to give away from the venue or from a sponsor? I still have foursquare buttons and stickers leftover from 4sqDay 2011 that I pass out on the monthly meet-ups. Organize a real-life foursquare game. Work with the bartender to make a foursquare cocktail. You get the idea.

and remember… it’s okay if there’s low turnout. Have some personal conversations with other users, make friends, and discuss how to improve.  Here’s to meeting new people with whom to explore your city and making everyday a foursquare day.

Have you been to a foursquare meet-up that wasn’t on 4sqDay?

p.s. yes, that picture is a Cheeto Burger that I had at the November meet-up at Hubcap Grill.