In today’s advancing technology world, small businesses are better able to compete with the middle to large-sized corporations; this is a really great thing! However, while this helps them compete on the same playing field, it does not mean that small businesses can just rush to implement a newer technology or social media tool. Instead, there needs to be an understanding of the business goals that each tool tackles along with what type of strategies would work best in each situation. Action without first understanding and then planning can often do more damage than not acting at all. The same is true when you claim your venue and implement a new foursquare special. Through my discussions with many foursquare users, new and veteran – superusers and not, one of the biggest complaints (head shakers of sorts) is that some businesses just do not get it. Here are three simply tips to go by:

  1. Do not rush it ~ Plan & Act! Take the time to understand your foursquare customers and then create a great special to reward them for checking in. Too often, small businesses will rush to claim their venue and then throw a dull, lackluster incentive on foursquare and think that it will work just fine.
  2. Be Specific! Sometimes, businesses are not that specific about their specials. I saw a local business in my area that offered a free brow wax on their first check-in. But, when I called about it and asked for more details, I learned that I actually needed to buy a facial of some sort in order to get that waxing for free. It was safe to say that they did they did not understand that somebody could simply check-in when walking in the door and in an effort to request more information rather than making their first check-in only after arranging an appointment over the phone. Needless to say, they are no longer in business; what a shame!
  3. Communicate with Employees! Lastly, they never tell their employees much about the special, leaving them blind when the customers come in. When a customer comes in and unlocks a special, it is important that the other employees are in the loop about how to proceed with the redemption of that special. You want to make a great impression on that customer; in many cases, he or she is coming in for the very first time, and you want to begin to build that relationship right from the beginning!

So, there you have it – a few quick foursquare tips for the business owners out there! Did I miss any tips that you think business owners need to know about? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!