Tacos are adored globally, but especially here in Texas. That’s why we Texans were stoked with the inclusion of the Hot Tamale badge in the recent core badge cornucopia. We have more Mexican restaurants, Tex-Mex eateries, burrito shops, taco trucks, and drive-thru taquerias than you can shake a Lonestar at.  And with the new “expertise” Hot Tamale badge levels, we can show off our chile relleno know how. A level 10 Hot Tamale badge would give us more Texan clout than a giant cowboy hat or shiny belt buckle. Not that those are actually things we wear here. Stereotypes, y’all!

I was in South Texas for Thanksgiving, where tamales are traditionally served along with (deep fried) turkey and all the trimmings. On Black Friday morning, I ventured out (bypassing the Mall Rat badge unlock, thank you very much) to enjoy some breakfast tacos with Ian, co-admin of Foursquare Corpus Christi and taco historian.  I witnessed his Hot Tamale unlock in person – he was at an impressive Level 9. Guac and roll, indeed! I myself am only a paltry Level 7 – although I am on a mission to try as much queso as possible, so I’m working on it. Give me a break, just like Hank Hill, I’m not a native Texan.

These new expertise badges make checking in exciting again! Do you find that you’re trying to gain a higher level of expertise, going to places you’ve never been? I find myself recommending going out to new Mexican restaurants to friends all the time – trying to attain that victorious Level 10 status, I tell you whut.

Breakfast Taco Menu

Breakfast Tacos offered by Taqueria Jalsico #8


Ian checking in and unlocking the Level 9 Hot Tamale badge!