I am a heavy foursquare recruiter. I love explaining the service, signing individuals and business up for foursquare and getting folks in the routine of checking in. I’m not pushy, but my passion for the product can be downright contagious. I’ve been known in the workplace for interjecting foursquare into any conversation – no matter if the subject is marketing, traveling, shopping or lunch. So when I had the opportunity to go out to lunch on my birthday with a large group, I made sure to pick a location with a special. I picked a company fave, Zoës Kitchen. I had never been and saw they had a foursquare special: 10% off with a check-in.  I made sure everyone in my group unlocked it!

Normally I support small, local businesses, but truthfully foursquare is a great tool for larger brands as well. There are chains I that I only patronized because of their check-in special: RadioShack, American Eagle Outfitters, GAP and Cinnabon come to mind. Eateries that are a dime a dozen like McDonald’s or Chili’s actually stand out in the sea of chain restaurant ubiquity due to their check-in specials.  I often think of foursquare as promoting mom and pop retail, but without the support and publicity from larger brands they would not be where they are today.

Zoës Kitchen is a “fast-casual” chain based in the South offering Mediterranean-style food. They get social media. Zoës rocks twitter, congratulating new foursquare mayors, advertising specials and responding to tweets. Their twitter account even gave me a retweet when I explained why I chose them for lunch. I’m sure they weren’t expecting a pack of internet marketers all getting 10% off!

What chain restaurant or store have you given business to specifically because they had a foursquare special?