Many foursquare users love it when a new badge comes out, but some have long forgotten about that core badge they received two or more months ago. In addition, there are people who just “jump” around the globe in an effort to get the latest badge; consequently, there is the great debate over whether this badge hunting technique is fair, cheating, or somewhere in-between, but now there is a new type of badge that was just unveiled by foursquare called expertise badges. Once you earn one of these core expertise badges, you can level up as you check into more venues that fall under the requirements of that badge! This means that you will be checking out new venues that you might not have thought to give a try before. This new badge feature motivates users to get out and explore the area, and this is a great thing. At the time of this post, there are currently 24 of these core expertise badges, but foursquare is working to unlock more expertise badges in the near future. Underneath this new feature is another level of gamification, allowing users to see which of their friends have unlocked a higher level of a particular badge than they have; similar to how some people have a friendly competition on the 7-day points leaderboard, foursquare now allows you to compete with friends over who has the greatest level of expertise in a given area! Personally, I am anxious for the expertise feature to be unlocked for the gym rat badge; as somebody who religiously goes to the gym each and every day, I am curious what level I am at! Which levels are you at? Which badge are you working hard to level-up right now? Are there badges that you hope will be given this feature in the future? And are you more motivated to check-in now than you were before?