One of the best things about Foursquare – communities are growing worldwide and local groups are creating amazing initiatives. Today, I’ll try to describe Latvia in foursquare briefly.

If someone would ask me to describe Latvia as an material, I would say – amber; if as a taste – a slightly bitter taste of a homemade beer. If color – all the autumn colors; but if the description would involve places worth to visit I would undoubtly reach to my mobile and press the Explore button in foursquare app.

If you are looking to Latvia on the map – zoom in – it’s a small country near the Baltic Sea. And we have around 7125 foursquare users here, which in comparison with 10+ million of foursquare fans worldwide also could sound not quite impressive.

Despite the numbers – you can feel the energy inside those who dedicate time to foursquare not only a SU team here, but also creators of local (and for this moment – international) stats tool – That’s an analytics resource developed from, a project seen by @dens and spotted also by @aboutfoursquare last year.

We had our first swarm party and fun events. Local mobile carrier held a new shop opening as a swarm party last year. There was also a badge hunting party held by a bus line on a Foursquare day. Just recently, I was happy to see that we have successfully moved over simple swarms – few well attended musical events acquire swarm badges in no-time.

Brands – ‘what about them’– you would ask? Frankly speaking, there are some interesting projects from the brands.  The most valued is LiveRiga ( – a tourist information service. They are giving tips and insights about the places worth visiting here in Latvia.  Some of the national brands are experimenting with foursquare but as always, the most effective and agile are small businesses. These small businesses have learned the most precious is the possibility to build up brand loyalty among consumers.

As an answer from community, were sounds of lists covering happy hour specials, great outdoor places and memorable party experiences.

I do not want sound like an annoying sales agent, but you should plan your journeys to Latvia – enjoy the wild nature, great food and lots of places to check in!.

– Mareks (@marruciic)