Did you know a foursquare community manager has made history? Well, it’s the HISTORY channel to be exact, but for us History channel fans that could be one and the same. Ian O’Keefe, manager of the Foursquare Corpus Christi community, was featured on the BBC-produced television show Hairy Bikers. Ian, a noted breakfast taco enthusiast, invited chef Paul Patranella and biker Bill Allen to sample some of Corpus Christi’s finest (and strangest) breakfast tacos.  The episode, Big Shrimp, showcased traditional South Texas fare as Ian and his co-blogger Kevin brought the bikers to some of Corpus’ favorite taquerias. And yes, Ian checked in on foursquare along the way.

TacotopiaFoursquare Corpus Christi’s account naturally has a Taco Shops list, featuring some of the best of “The World Capital of Breakfast Tacos.” It’s collaborative and followers are encouraged to add their favorite to the list.

Foursquare Corpus Christi is also administrated by Ian’s wife, Monica… which I believe is the only community to have a husband and wife team. Full disclosure: I handed over the reins to 4sqCC upon moving and announcing I was seeking someone to take over.  I received a pitch from Ian and Monica, friends of mine and a natural fit.  They are both small business owners with existing social and business networks, good writers and huge fans of foursquare.  I couldn’t have left 4sqCC in better hands!

Here’s an interview I recorded with Ian and Monica, discussing Hairy Bikers, foursquare use in Corpus Christi and even 4sqDay 2012.



You can find repeats of Ian’s Hairy Bikers episode on the History Channel. Hairy Bikers airs on Friday nights, but History loves to repeat itself (ha!), so I’m sure it’s on all the time.