John M. Sanchez, my fellow Foursquare Houston community manager, dressed in a Foursquare Mayor costume for Halloween!

John’s semi-homemade foursquare costume consisted of:

  • a blue hoodie from the Target (the women’s section!) – please notice how the blue and green colors reflect the new foursquare logo
  • a crown purchased from Michaels
  • short blue shorts – already owned, he referees soccer in them, oops – those were from Target too.
  • foursquare logos/stickers printed out and applied with make-your-own-sticker adhesive, also purchased at Michaels

His costume was a total surprise when I met up with him at The Black Sheep Agency‘s Trick or Tweet Social Media Shin-Dig.  I thought it was genius and another great way to promote foursquare in Houston.  Since it was a social media event, almost everyone got it right away.  That wasn’t always the case when we went out pub crawling that weekend, but it gave him a chance to somewhat explain who he was and why he chose to be a Foursquare Mayor for Halloween.  If I only had known ahead of time, I bet I could have made an awesome foursquare Pouty Princess.  Just another way to “make every day a foursquare day…” even Halloween!


Foursquare Houston Costume

Foursquare Houston Costume with 4sq Groupie Badge Sticker

Back of Foursquare Mayor Costume

Back of Foursquare Mayor Costume with Logo

Foursquare Super Mayor Costume

Foursquare Mayor Costume with Super Mayor Badge Sticker

Foursquare Mayor Costume Shorts

Foursquare Mayor Costume Shorts

pictures via FoursquareHOU and Smilebooth, LLC