While we are gearing up for 4sqday 2.0, I found this great guest post from 4/16/2011. Better late than never… 🙂


Bangalore is no different from a dream city if you really exist online. Its common to see people peeping into their mobile apps while they’re waiting and boarding a bus, crossing streets when lights go green, sipping coffees, and who knows on toilet seats (I do all that too). Social media has its place on taste buds for people in Bangalore. They’re open to anything new technology can offer, they are active in propagating it in fellow men, and above all, they are genuinely involved.

Foursquare reached Bangalore in its early stages itself. Every office, coffee shop and street is on foursquare. And being mayors at special places have an ongoing war, as it should be. The brands are here, the specials are here. Its a buzz. And we got up one night to find no reason of these users being unaware of each other. It was Feb 1, 2011 and we knew that foursquare day is happening this time. Starting preparations early, we could only make it to 25 people or so in two months. A week to foursquare day, and we almost quit thinking everything else. It was time to involve @dhempe. We too aggressive ways to reach out to fellow 4sq’ers in Bangalore, we were moving really fast now. Meetup.com had a 4sqDay RSVPs shooting now to bring Bangalore in top 10 cities in terms of population. 139 of us promised to be there.

Foursquare Day. 04.16.2011. We rushed, and managed to be at venue a few mins before the scheduled 7pm drive. And very soon, the place exploded with people. Bangalore grabbed a swarm badge in no more than 27 mins, and the toll rose to 80+. Crowd annihilated all the coffee store had, and the focus moved to shouts, swags, tweets, checkins, tees, stickers, prizes and those cool badges. Now this was a good start for Foursquare Bangalore (http://www.4sqblr.com), we knew it right then.

We, @santoshp @dhempe & myself, @crashuniverse thank our sponsors @CafeCoffeeDay @itchotels @snapdealblore and @funcinemas to make it a huge success.