Today is October 16, 2011. It is exactly 1.5 years since the first Foursquare Day and six month until 4sqday 2012. I like to think of October 16 as 4sqDay-point-five. It’s the point of no return; halfway passed last year and halfway towards next year’s 4sqday. So today seemed like a perfect day to announce the launching of 4sqDay 2.0!

Of course, April 16 is a great day to get out, check in, and do things with your foursquare community. However,  it is still only one day out of the year. And many of us use foursquare every day. So Foursquare Day is going to evolve to include that idea. Our new slogan is “Helping to make every day a 4sqDay!”

Starting now, in addition to helping organize April 16th activities, we will be covering foursquare users and the developing  foursquare community they create. This will not be a site for badge hunters or resource about the upgrades and versions about the foursquare app. There are some fantastic sites out there for that including the official foursquare blog, About Foursquare, socialDino, and others. 4sqDay has always been and continues to be about the people that use foursquare and the events and communities.

We are excited about this new direction for 4sqDay and we are looking for other people who are excited. If you would like to submit a guest blog post about a great foursquare day you had send it to us! If you and your community organizers hold a great foursquare event, like Milan did recently, let us know!

– Nate

PS: A huge thanks to Justin Henderson for helping to get our site back in order after the hack. He has done a fantastic job and has a lot of great ideas for 4sqDay! Look for more from him soon!