At long last, another guest post about 4sqday 2011! This one is from China and was contributed by Alice Hu of Hilton Shanghai!


Foursquare and China’s relationship is complicated. Western social media has little chance of surviving in a land where Chinese doppelgangers run the show. Surprisingly, foursquare has managed to remain popular.

Foursquare Day Shanghai organizers Ming Alterman, Mike Fung and Gao Ming were hoping to make this year’s event bigger and better and decided on Hilton Shanghai’s Galerie on the 40th floor for the venue. In the weeks before the event, people were buzzing about the possibility of getting a super swarm badge.

We had no idea how many people to expect for a platform that is mainly used by foreigners fighting to go “digitally native” and tech savvy Chinese people. On the day of the event, attendees arrived very punctually and most of them were Chinese! Meituan (Chinese group buying website), Vitamin Water & OMG Bakery supplied drinks and cupcakes. Hilton Shanghai provided some yummy foursquare cookies. Meituan gift certificates and one free night stay at the hotel were also given out to lucky draw participants. As the night progressed, more people decided to join the festivities and before we knew it we had reached super swarm badge status!

It seems that there are quite a few foursquare fans in the Hai—hoping that businesses will realize this and offer more specials to create an even more engaged community.