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Monthly Archives: October 2011

After our post on “most points in a check-in“, we’ve received questions about Points and what they mean.

Along with earning badges, foursquare awards points for checking-in to venues. These points are good for 7 days. For example, if you get 6 points on Tuesday and 4 points on Sunday, you’ll have 10 points total until Tuesday. Once it becomes Tuesday, you’ll only have 4 points.

Along with points, you’ll receive cute messages from foursquare. The points are given for how hard or easy the accomplishment was. Checking-in to the same place in three months awards you 2 points; easy. Becoming the mayor is worth 5 points; hard.

Message Points Notes
Aw shucks! No points for this check-in +0 You’ll receive this message if you check-in twice to the same venue within 2 hours.

Every check-in counts!

+1 Nothing out of the ordinary.

Welcome back to [state]! You haven’t been here in 10 days.

+1 Haven’t checked into a state in 10 days, that you’ve been at.

You pal [friend name] is the Mayor here (and your creeping on their turf)

+2 Be friends with the Mayor and be at least 8 days away from becoming Mayor.

You’re creeping on a friend’s mayorship turf!

+2 You can only get this message once a day, per venue.

You’ve checked-in to a place none of your friends have been before.


Welcome back! You haven’t been here in 3 months!


Come here often? That’s 3 days here this week


3 days here this week


The world didn’t end!

+2 Check-in to a venue on May 22nd, 2011.

Your first [sub-category] since you were at [venue name] in [month][year]


The Mayor is in the house!

+2 Check-in to a venue with the Mayor there.

Have a right royal knees up!

+3 Check-in at Westminster Abby on April, 29th, 2011.

Last minute tax filing!

+3 Check-in to a venue labeled as ‘Post Office’ on April 18th, 2011.

No points for your first April Fool’s Day check-in…Psych!

+3 Check-in to any venue on April 1st. These points can only be earned once.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms on foursquare!

+3 Check-in to any venue on April 8th. These points can only be earned once.

Happy Father’s Day to all moms on foursquare!

+3 Check-in to any venue on April 19th. These points can only be earned once.

Summer Solstice Bonus!

+3 Check-in to any venue on April 21st. These points can only be earned once.

You’re first check-in at [venue name]!


VIP! You’re hanging out with the Mayor!

+3 Check-in to a venue with the Mayor there, and you are friends.

You’re the Mayor!


First time at [venue name]!


Happy Earth Day! Alternative transport FTW!

+3 Check-in on Earth Day at bus, rail and subway system.

Mayor bonus


East Coast Earthquake Survival Bonus!


New state!

+4 Check-in to a new state.

New state ([state name])

+4 Check-in to a new state.

Welcome! This is you first check-in in the state of [state]!

+4 Check-in to a new state.

This place is swarming!

+4 Check-in to a venue with more than 50 other users.

BFF Bonus: 4 days with [friend name] this week!


BFF Bonus: 5 days with [friend name] this week!


BFF Bonus: 6 days with [friend name] this week!


Wow, the last time you saw [friend name] was at [venue name] 3 months ago!


Your first [sub-category]!

+4 Could be ‘Baseball Field’, Playground, Restaurant, Park, School, for example.

It’s your birthday!


Welcome! It’s your first check-in in [country name]!


You just became the mayor!


[Number] miles since your last check-in.

Varies Can be unlocked by checking in 350+ miles since your last check-in.

*Red text means a special check-in.

I’m sure we’ve missed some. So help us add to our list! Write a comment of the exact message and points given. Don’t forget to include the location of where you check-ed in!

What is the most points you’ve had in one week? In your foursuqare app, click on ‘ME’. You’ll see the points from the last 7 days, including your largest.


Points are great. They add that little surprising zip to regular check in and can add a POW when they add up. This nice 15-pointer was snapped by Vanessa, @aLAnessa,  4sqday’s Instagrammer extraordinaire and baker of the famous foursquare badge cupcakes!  Look for more of her 4sqday pics on Instagram.

Add remember, in addition to helping plan a rockin’ 4/16, we are also helping make every day a 4sqday, so show us your pics! Email us any awesome foursquare-related pics to and if we ❤ them, we’ll post them for the world to see!


While we are gearing up for 4sqday 2.0, I found this great guest post from 4/16/2011. Better late than never… 🙂


Bangalore is no different from a dream city if you really exist online. Its common to see people peeping into their mobile apps while they’re waiting and boarding a bus, crossing streets when lights go green, sipping coffees, and who knows on toilet seats (I do all that too). Social media has its place on taste buds for people in Bangalore. They’re open to anything new technology can offer, they are active in propagating it in fellow men, and above all, they are genuinely involved.

Foursquare reached Bangalore in its early stages itself. Every office, coffee shop and street is on foursquare. And being mayors at special places have an ongoing war, as it should be. The brands are here, the specials are here. Its a buzz. And we got up one night to find no reason of these users being unaware of each other. It was Feb 1, 2011 and we knew that foursquare day is happening this time. Starting preparations early, we could only make it to 25 people or so in two months. A week to foursquare day, and we almost quit thinking everything else. It was time to involve @dhempe. We too aggressive ways to reach out to fellow 4sq’ers in Bangalore, we were moving really fast now. had a 4sqDay RSVPs shooting now to bring Bangalore in top 10 cities in terms of population. 139 of us promised to be there.

Foursquare Day. 04.16.2011. We rushed, and managed to be at venue a few mins before the scheduled 7pm drive. And very soon, the place exploded with people. Bangalore grabbed a swarm badge in no more than 27 mins, and the toll rose to 80+. Crowd annihilated all the coffee store had, and the focus moved to shouts, swags, tweets, checkins, tees, stickers, prizes and those cool badges. Now this was a good start for Foursquare Bangalore (, we knew it right then.

We, @santoshp @dhempe & myself, @crashuniverse thank our sponsors @CafeCoffeeDay @itchotels @snapdealblore and @funcinemas to make it a huge success.

Today is October 16, 2011. It is exactly 1.5 years since the first Foursquare Day and six month until 4sqday 2012. I like to think of October 16 as 4sqDay-point-five. It’s the point of no return; halfway passed last year and halfway towards next year’s 4sqday. So today seemed like a perfect day to announce the launching of 4sqDay 2.0!

Of course, April 16 is a great day to get out, check in, and do things with your foursquare community. However,  it is still only one day out of the year. And many of us use foursquare every day. So Foursquare Day is going to evolve to include that idea. Our new slogan is “Helping to make every day a 4sqDay!”

Starting now, in addition to helping organize April 16th activities, we will be covering foursquare users and the developing  foursquare community they create. This will not be a site for badge hunters or resource about the upgrades and versions about the foursquare app. There are some fantastic sites out there for that including the official foursquare blog, About Foursquare, socialDino, and others. 4sqDay has always been and continues to be about the people that use foursquare and the events and communities.

We are excited about this new direction for 4sqDay and we are looking for other people who are excited. If you would like to submit a guest blog post about a great foursquare day you had send it to us! If you and your community organizers hold a great foursquare event, like Milan did recently, let us know!

– Nate

PS: A huge thanks to Justin Henderson for helping to get our site back in order after the hack. He has done a fantastic job and has a lot of great ideas for 4sqDay! Look for more from him soon!

At long last, another guest post about 4sqday 2011! This one is from China and was contributed by Alice Hu of Hilton Shanghai!


Foursquare and China’s relationship is complicated. Western social media has little chance of surviving in a land where Chinese doppelgangers run the show. Surprisingly, foursquare has managed to remain popular.

Foursquare Day Shanghai organizers Ming Alterman, Mike Fung and Gao Ming were hoping to make this year’s event bigger and better and decided on Hilton Shanghai’s Galerie on the 40th floor for the venue. In the weeks before the event, people were buzzing about the possibility of getting a super swarm badge.

We had no idea how many people to expect for a platform that is mainly used by foreigners fighting to go “digitally native” and tech savvy Chinese people. On the day of the event, attendees arrived very punctually and most of them were Chinese! Meituan (Chinese group buying website), Vitamin Water & OMG Bakery supplied drinks and cupcakes. Hilton Shanghai provided some yummy foursquare cookies. Meituan gift certificates and one free night stay at the hotel were also given out to lucky draw participants. As the night progressed, more people decided to join the festivities and before we knew it we had reached super swarm badge status!

It seems that there are quite a few foursquare fans in the Hai—hoping that businesses will realize this and offer more specials to create an even more engaged community.