Here at 4sqDay headquarters we are very fond of hyperbole. We love to throw around terms like epic and awesome and mind-blowing. However, I can say that what you see below is truly the most amazing infographic that I have ever seen – and I can say it with a straight face.  In one glance it brings together the amazing global activity of 4sqDay and also the personal creativity and emotion of the local events.

A super-shoutout goes to Chris Thompson of our partner About Foursquare for the art work. We all appreciate the time and effort that he puts in to the foursquare scene and this is but one very cool visual example. I also must acknowledge Walter Elly who originally came up with the idea of the infographic and ran with it. As soon as he described it I knew it would rock!

Finally, even through we’ve already said it, THANK YOU to all the fantastic users of foursquare and the foursquare staff for making 4sqDay such an awesome event! We are so stoked that people are all ready planning for 4sqDay2012. 🙂