Don’t worry! Although we haven’t posted anything over the last few days, we have several great 4sqDay stories to post (and we are always looking for more!)

We totally love the excitement and emotion from this one by Sumit Berry of Dehli, India. It really makes you feel like you are there and feeling all the joy of the Foursquare Awards and the Swarm Badge!


Before I begin lemme tell you quite candidly that this is the first time ever in my life I am writing a macro blog so there might be some structural errors in it, so I request you to not to throw virtual eggs and tomatoes on me while reading it. ūüėÄ

It has been an extremely pleasant experience organizing the foursquare day during the past couple of months for our team and it was much more enjoyable on the 4sqday itself. ¬†What could have been a better day than a Saturday to host the foursquare day here in Delhi – ¬†the deafening sound of vuvuzelas, guests’ desire of laying their hands on the official foursquare merchandise, some awesome beer flowing in and the foursquare awards all were in pure sync that made it rock.

Delhi and it’s citizens stay quite engrossed with in themselves, the people here do not adapt to latest technology very soon as compared to the southern part of India but still there is a good lot of tech buffs who were eagerly waiting for something like this to happen and guess what, one announcement and all were there with us showing their support for the Delhi’s very own 4sqDay.

Initially we were quite anxious about whether people are gonna actually ¬†turn up or there were just fake RSVPs but then after seeing the busy registrations desk I took a deep breath and said to myself¬† “brrrring it on baby! Delhi is now rolling”

All the while we stayed glued to our guests helping them with their check ins and ensuring that they have an awesome time at the venue. Abhi at the registrations did an excellent job and made sure that people comfortably entered the venue without much chaos. Guests showered us with hundreds of questions relating to how did we manage to organize this “Super Event” also when are we gonna do the awards ceremony. I loved every bit of it, the way people networked with each other was beyond my expectations. With people discussing latest tech and talking about iPads and current gen tabs as the time passed I noticed that this event was now not just a foursquare day, ¬†I mean it was amazing to see a mob around Clinton Jeff (one awesome 4sq’er) ,all coz he had the latest iPad 2 with him all sourced from The U S of A.

With all this hush hush going on, it was now the 55th minute of the party we entered in to and somebody shouted from somewhere “I just unlocked the goddamn Swarm Badge”, this guy was so excited coz it was the first time he could unlock a Swarm Badge in Delhi which he never expected to do earlier. Moments after his announcement almost everybody started checking their mailboxes just to see whether foursquare have sent them the email containing the confirmation of the swarm badge. And there was huge roar in the crowd which lasted a few seconds.

The highlight of Delhi’s foursquare day celebrations was the foursquare awards. It isn’t that we felt so but the constant tweets from the guests tell ¬†it all requesting us to start as it was getting late. We were waiting for more people to check in hence the delay, but without wasting much time we gave it a go ahead. Although we had planned to host the awards in a formal way with the help of a presentation and some nice audio visual equipments that we had installed but you know when it comes to guests loaded with beer in their bellies there’s hardly anything one can do in a streamlined manner. Hence we decided to keep people very much busy by participating in to the awards ceremony as if they were the jury themselves , watch the pics at our fb page and you shall know what do I mean by this.

One of the guests named Anshul Sushil bagged three of the twelve awards and was delighted to get his hands on the unusual looking trophy which was nothing but a vertically held vuvuzela decorated with the 4sq stickers and some nice pin badges. You can read here:¬† ¬†¬† what he blogged about the awards and the 4sqDay. There was one guy named Abhishek who won the biggest award at the foursquare day and it was the Apple iPod and the crowd over there went berserk after the announcement. 4sq’er of the day won a custom made 4sqDelhi tee and was selected on the basis of the 4sqer who has got maximum no. Of friends on 4sq, Honey Singh won it with 296 friends, read his blog here –

We wrapped up the event by about midnight and distributed contents of the Swag Bag to the attendees of the foursquare awards. After each 4sqer said adios to us, we thanked the staff at the Venue and went out wearing our much loved 4sqDay Tees out to the plaza and people there could not stop noticing our 4sq badges cladded tees.

This year’s 4sqDay has given us a solid base to organize future 4sq based social events and with support of our followers we are dead sure that we can organize an even bigger event next time.”