Today’s guest post comes from @MrShri of @4sqPune. Shri has been a great advocate for Foursquare Day since the very beginning and – dare I say it – a friend.  I’m glad to feature his post and look froward to meeting him IRL sometime soon.

Having founded on the 1st Foursquare Day, we folks in Pune had quiet an image to live up too. Since 4/16/2010 @4sqPune has evangelised Foursquare to more than 1000 individuals in Pune, many businesses run their specials with the support of our Super Users and moreover we’ve unlocked not one, but two Swarm Badges! This is one fun city to be in and also the most active on foursquare.

This year we formed a new core team to manage the event which would boast of being the most different if not completely in India. The concept was to have a Social Media Unconference with Speakers from Pune’s Social Media startups, power users and even brands using 4sq specials. The team worked out a nice special with the venue and we even managed to get some sponsorships, the best support came from @SulaWines & @Faasos 🙂

The Speakers captured everyone’s attention in the relaxed format… having beers & talking social media. The only let down was that we could not unlock the Super Swarm badge due to many technical reasons and not having WiFi (bummer!). This year looks even better with a strong foursquare community and cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore joining in. What more? We love Foursquare Day and promise to only make it better.

@4sqPune 4sqDay core team – @MrShri @RaghavTewary @DezineZync @Anushka1210